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‘Ghost Brothers’: Paranormal Boys Just Want To Have Fun For Season 2

Ghost Brothers broke new ground as the first African-American paranormal team on TV, but for the premiere of their second season, they are breaking ground in a whole different way in the field of paranormal investigations. If you’re a fan of paranormal shows, you see all kinds of gadgets and fancy equipment to try to record ghostly activity. For the Season 2 premiere of Ghost Brothers, they definitely have the high tech gear, but Ghost Brothers bring in a whole new element, and it’s about as old-fashioned, low-tech as you can get.

Ghost Brothers fans, meet Oogley the cat. Unfortunately, this season premiere will probably be the only episode featuring the cat, as she belongs to the owner of their first stop, Thornhaven Manor, in New Castle, Indiana.

Ghost Brothers Get High Tech Evidence In Season Premiere

As for their other fancy equipment, Ghost Brothers capture some great evidence in the Season 2 premiere at Thornhaven Manor, including some compelling video using 3D mapping. This technique uses a camera and software that maps out stick figures of any anomalies captured on video that may not be visible to the human eye. This has become one of the most popular devices for paranormal investigators, including Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Adventures, and suffice it to say the Ghost Brothers find some success with this device, as well.

They also experiment with various devices that help spirits channel their energy into forming words to communicate with paranormal investigators Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey. Let’s just say some of the words they channel through two different devices are bound to put some fear into some good Christian boys, y’all.

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Ghost Brothers Bring The Southern Charm And Manners To The Paranormal

Spratt, Mass, and Harvey of Ghost Brothers each come from a religious background in the deep South where ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are considered a bit taboo. However, after some personal experiences, the three decided to get involved with paranormal investigations and see firsthand whether they could capture evidence of life after death or communicate with the spirits of the dead. Their personal backgrounds bring southern charm and civility to ghost hunting, where many paranormal investigators have natural reactions that require a heavy hand on the “bleep” button.

You might say that they’re the kind of boys you can bring home to mother. In fact, in this premiere episode of Ghost Brothers, Mass gets all dolled up to set up a convincing scene to try to “trigger” the ghosts of a family who were poisoned at the breakfast table by their own kin.

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What To Expect From Season 2 Of Ghost Brothers

Ghost Brothers premiered last year, with paranormal investigators Spratt, Mass, and Harvey hitting the road and testing some allegedly haunted houses for themselves, but putting their own unique twist on the genre. This paranormal show is a little cheeky but without the over-the-top humor of some shows that go overboard with the camp factor. Make no mistake, Ghost Brothers are serious about their investigations, but they like to have a good time, too.

This season features eight episodes and in addition to Thornhaven Manor, the Ghost Brothers visit the “Mill of Death” deep in the bayou of Louisiana, which sounds pretty creepy. In another episode, the Ghost Brothers travel to San Jose to investigate the legendary Winchester Mystery house with its maze of halls and stairways to nowhere. They’ll also investigate a haunted elementary school in Middletown, Ohio, and the “White Witch” of Rose Hall in Jamaica, among their other investigations for the season.

TLC has cornered the Friday night frights market with its supernatural and paranormal programming, and Ghost Brothers takes over part of that Friday night paranormal niche starting Friday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET.

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