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Target Workers Sign Petition To Keep Black Friday Away From Thanksgiving


Target and several other stores like Wal-Mat, Toys”R”Us, and Sears have moved the start of their Black Friday sales to Thanksgiving night. Starting Black Friday on Thursday will give people a few extra hours of great deals and will make the midnight rush a little less chaotic. Unfortunately, it will also ruin Thanksgiving for thousands of employees who have to stock shelves and work cash registers.

Casey St. Clair, a Target employee in California, started a petition asking the CEO of Target to keep Black Friday on Friday so that employees could enjoy their Thanksgiving. At the time of this writing, the petition has more than 180,000 signatures.

The petition reads:

“Every year the opening time (for Black Friday) gets pushed up more and more. Midnight last year was pushing it. How can you expect workers to spend time with family and then stay up all night. It’s inhumane and inconsiderate. You are most likely tucked away in bed while workers are in the stores pushing back a rabid crowd of shoppers trying to get an iPod. A 9pm opening disgusts me and symbolizes everything that is wrong with this country. Give Thanksgiving back to families. The world won’t end if people have wait 7 more hours to buy useless junk that will be outdated in a year anyway.”

Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but stores are already putting ads out for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Retail analyst Stacey Widlitz told Yahoo Finance that some retail stores will make 10 percent of their holiday sales on Black Friday.

Do you try to take advantage of Black Friday deals? Will you go shopping immediately after Thanksgiving dinner?

If you want to get a peak at all of the deals you can check out The Inquisitr’s Black Friday section. Or, if you aren’t a fan of the shopping holiday, you can check out the details behind a new charitable holiday, Giving Tuesday, here.

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12 Responses to “Target Workers Sign Petition To Keep Black Friday Away From Thanksgiving”

  1. Felicia Brockman

    I think they should switch it back to the way it use to be where the sales start at 4 and 5 am on Friday instead of thanksgiving day! People want to have a chance spend the holidays with their family.

  2. Vanessa Berben

    As someone who used to work retail, I feel so bad for these employees. It's really inconsiderate of companies to make workers do this. I'm going to sign this petition – thanks for writing this!

  3. Audrey Lively

    People working lower paying and lower respected jobs like retail should not have to sacrifice family time so a bunch of shopping addicted pea-brains can buy more crap they can't afford and don't need. People really are selfish creeps.

  4. Jason Edwards

    If no one went……..they would not be open …….so don't go and send message ……..

  5. Holly Renee

    This world is really starting to forget what the Holidays are all about! This disgusts me. Being with my family is more important than saving a few bucks at a store for something thats a month away!

  6. Brienna LeGier

    I agree!!! I work retail & my store wants to work us from 6am – 4pm thurs. back at 8pm til 3am thurs night then back again at 5am Friday!!! There is NO time for our famies!!!! The people making these decisions are probally getting plenty of family time on the holidays!!!!! It's just NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

  7. Donna Bowering Kieser

    I am a retired Target Employee and this is only one of three holidays that we got and as times will have it the almighty dollar is more important than the employees have time with family. That is NOT RIGHT. I hope corporate offices are open so all the executives will have to work to. Good for the goose is good for gander.

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