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Secession: The List Of States Posting Petitions To Secede Has Now Grown To 30


The list of states posting petitions to secede on the White House website grew to 30 by Tuesday morning. Residents filed the petitions to peacefully secede from the United States through the Obama administration’s We the People program. According to the program’s guidelines, if a petition reaches 25,000 signatures within 30 days, it will be reviewed and a response given.

The Texas secession petition had grown to nearly 60,000 signatures by early Tuesday morning, according to the Huffington Post. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the petition cites continued economic difficulties stemming from overspending by the federal government as one of the primary reasons for the drastic action.

The Ohio secession petition is one of the newest ones posted on the We the People section of the White House website. As of Tuesday morning, there were nearly 21,000 signatures supporting the desire to leave the United States and peacefully form a new government.

Before an American citizen can sign a petition via the We the People program, an account must first be created. The registration is free and fast. Citizens must supply their first and last name, email address, and zip code.

Here’s a list of states where citizens have filed secession petitions with the White House website since President Obama was granted four more years in the Oval Office: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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43 Responses to “Secession: The List Of States Posting Petitions To Secede Has Now Grown To 30”

  1. Jennifer Schraski Quiray

    Is no one else suspicious about the online petition? I'm only guessing how easy it is to fake names on it to tally up votes, not to mention how this seemed to mushroom out to other states as if it was an organized ploy by someone. There were no grumbles of sucession before, now bam! 30 states?

  2. Janice Newell Raddin Nordquist

    I would like to sign this – anyone know how I do it?

  3. Cindy Casey

    Kinda of like the American votes. 100 were registered to vote, and 118% voted… Where did the other 18% come from?

  4. Cindy Casey

    Oh course these aren't exact numbers, but yopu should be able to get the general idea.

  5. Andrew Patterson

    Suspicion is great. It is only a petition to get the motion looked at. There is really no chance that the Federal Government will allow a mass secession without war. The point, I think, is to get the Federal Government to pay attention to the people it is screwing over. Besides, it there WAS actually a motion accepted for vote, the names have to be verified, unlike the election voter polls we just recently witnessed, where miollions of people voted whom were no longer alive or whom did not exist. For instance, 3.7 million people live in Oregon. 5 Million voted. Strange.

  6. Harry Berry

    We are getting tired of the idiots in Washington DC enacting laws like the NDAA and the NDRP when they (the government) can arrest you off the street and hold you for as long as they want or just simply make you disappear. The enabling acts of Nazi Germany called the Patriot acts.

  7. Manuel Diaz

    Just wondering about this…seems the some of the states that are Petitioniung for Secession are the same states that got Obama elected…isn't that a bit ODD?

  8. David A Bouffard

    Since they probably would have seceded during the first four years, I say let them go. After restructuring any Federal money for disaster relief, highways, etc into low interest loans with a 10% down payment. Should not be a problem, right?

  9. Doris Dugger

    Can you say voter fraud? 100% for obama in prescints, 118% to 141% voter turnout when not even 100% of people were registered. People trying to vote for Romney being told they had already voted earlier in the day. That's why stated obama won are wanting to secede.

  10. Robert Teachenor

    Yay! let them go! They can pay 1/50th (or a share based on their electoral votes) of the federal debt and good riddance! No more Florida or Ohio holding up or controlling our elections! Now more attempts to get religion in schools in California, or science in schools in Missouri!

  11. Joseph Burt

    I don't think it is Obama specifically, I think it is the actual greed system in the government, the infamous constipated congress not wanting to actually improve this country, as well as manipulation by major corporate sponsorship to control the people. The bad part of secession from the US is that the screwed up people who don't have a problem with the govt can have either Montana, ny, or California. The rest can just stay where they are. I think the group that wants change is much larger then the constipated group. I use constipated because they are full of poop. Of rated.

  12. Robert William Geiser III

    The state count is now up to 47! I have links to all of the petitions here:


  13. Travis M Bruno-Erck

    Janice your also free to leave the country no one is detaining you. Since the overwhelming amount of people in your state don't want to succeed it won't happen. But by all means maybe the lot of you should get together and since you don't llike how the system was designed to work for over 200 years and the RED's aren't getting there way ONCE for over three decades then don't let the door hit you in the face on the way out.

  14. Travis M Bruno-Erck

    I agree let them go. Let them all get together form there own state called The Republic of North America and they can form it in Texas. Im for it where do sign up to let the bastards out of here?

  15. Travis M Bruno-Erck

    But look how many vs the whole. It's like the Wall Street movement. its under 1 percent of the US population. They will get labeled in the same manner as the Occupy protestors. Treasonists is what they are.

  16. Travis M Bruno-Erck

    Joseph California is the thirds largeset economy in the world and it's just a state. The US financial infrastructure would collapse and California would go along fine. I'd do your research before saying something that dumb.

  17. Joseph Burt

    I agree it was kind of dumb, maybe the folks that disagree should go somewhere else. Or maybe things should change. Neither is going to happen though. So it will continue on in its own destructive path. Something will eventually give, not sure what or when.

  18. Anonymous

    If these people want to secede from the U.S.A. then it should be granted them immediately, they signed on the line. Strip them of their citizenship and any benefits they are receiving which have any connection what-so-ever to the resources of the U.S.. Oh yeah, don't let the door hit you in the behind on the way out!

  19. Warriors of the Weird

    How soon can the government pull the military bases out of Texas and other rebel states, and transfer all the air traffic controllers from those states to other places in America (not the rebel states), and I'm sure the rebels will have no problem maintaining their own highways and other infrastructure. Need I go on?

  20. Carla F Link

    maybe we just dont like the direction its headed just a thought but swhy not give some of us who arent the gov type land back to the indians and like as we did 150 yrs before taxes made everybody greedy

  21. Carla F Link

    Travis M Bruno-Erck Cal seriously needs to be divided into 2 maybe 3 states I aint the first person to say that I had a friend whos dad was a tough NJ cop they moved to LA.after one yr he moved back to NJ why safer he said..thats some statement he wasnt kiddin try policing east LA they need to train soldiers in the area its that bad iraq east LA only diff language

  22. Carla F Link

    Robt youre wrong if we leave we dont owe your damn fed debt we are willing to pay our fair share but now that its billions they said if every oneof us even newborns paid the debt wed still be in debt only reason gov dont like barter no tax money

  23. Carla F Link

    define treasonist and its not treason to let 20 mil illegals come here and made legal even though american citizens are against it?if those illegals are m ade legal you could have a civil war its brewin ..badly Im not the first to tell you that theres anti gov estab everywhere..maybe its n ot theyre bad people as the gov is goin wrong direction an d nobody gives a damn what we the people say

  24. Carla F Link

    Im native amerian we CAN survive…I suggest you watch a County boy can survive Hank Williams jr (theres a message in there)yiou might also want to try the indian 10 commandments oh we took them quite seriously damn shame not everybody did what a wonderful world wed have!

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