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Allen West Recount: Vote Fraud Allegations Surface


War hero Allen West, a retired Army colonel, is not giving up his re-election bid without a fight.

The first-term GOP Congressman has refused to concede the hotly contested election in Florida’s 18th Congressional district based on various alleged voting improprieties and may contest the outcome in court. According to Politico, “while [Patrick] Murphy has declared victory, West and his advisers are threatening to wage a protracted legal battle – raising the prospect that the high-profile race will drag on for days, if not weeks, longer.” Florida officials have yet to official certify a winner.

West currently trails Democrat Murphy by about 2,400 votes but there appear to be various glitches (or worse) in St. Lucie County, the only county in the district where Murphy prevailed. Murphy’s total lead over West is about 50.3 to 49.7 percent, a margin of some 0 .6 percent. Under Florida law, a recent occurs automatically at 0.5 percent or less. St. Lucie County agreed to recount early votes from November 1 to November 3,and West picked up votes in that process, but the West campaign wants a recount of all early votes cast in the county.

According to the website, taken together the St. Lucie precincts had a 141 percent turnout, which obviously requires further explanation one way or another as to how this makes sense in connection with ballot integrity. The Examiner reports that the St. Lucie County Board of Elections issued a clarification that the actual turnout was about 71 percent, but that is still significantly higher than the national voter turnout. “This still supports speculation that [there] could be more votes counted than the total number of votes cast.”

The Shark Tank Florida political blog notes that St. Lucie officials are “dragging their feet in releasing the voter sign-in rolls” which would enable the West campaign to compare the rolls to the actual votes cast. This information is critical for the West effort because “once the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections releases its voter sign in rolls, West will be able to more clearly determine how much the gap between he Patrick Murphy is.”

With regard to the possible vote fraud in St. Lucie County, Allen West campaign manager Tim Edson responded as follows:

“Today the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, after promising to recount all early votes, counted only ballots from the last three days of early voting, netting Allen West over 500 votes. The problem is those aren’t the first three days of early voting—the days the Supervisor of Elections originally said were compromised by faulty data cards in the machines.

“We will continue to fight for a recount of all early votes. In addition, we will ensure that the public is able to view the poll book sign-ins to ensure the number of early votes cast match the numbers of voters who checked-in to vote.

“Nothing coming out of Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker’s office adds up, stories are constantly changing, and the hostile attitude of the Supervisor is disturbing. What originally looked like dangerous incompetence is looking more and more like a willful attempt to steal an election.”

Alleged fraud or other shenanigans in ballot counting also appear to have potentially affected the outcomes of local election races in the county.

At this point in time, there appears to be no allegations of election chicanery to the disadvantage of Congressman West in either Palm Beach County or Martin County.

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24 Responses to “Allen West Recount: Vote Fraud Allegations Surface”

  1. Rick Jones

    When Gore contested the election he was a "sore loser"…but when a "tea baby" contests and threatens a protracted legal battle it's "the right thing to do"…right wing blogs…with their unsubstantiated "proof"…laughable….when will this right wing road apple reach adulthood and accept the fact he LOST.

  2. Steve Hines

    To this day Algore whines about that 2000 election, he is the definition of a sore loser. The radical left wing democrat party has been attacking Mr. West for one reason, and one reason only….he is proof positive that black folks can and do prosper when they choose to leave the democrat plantation.

  3. Gladys Whipple Hurtis

    Still praying for Allen West from Macon, Georgia, U.S.A.

  4. Pam Davis

    I am glad Allen West is standing up, the cheating needs to be stopped.

  5. Thomas Green

    Lets not even get into the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants Supreme Court that issued a ruling SO BAD they stated their ruling could not be used as precedent because they knew there was no legal basis for it. As it is precedent is everything the American court systems is built on.

  6. Dave Smith

    Any rumor is instantly passed around by the conservatives even if no major media outlet reports it including Fox News. It turns out that St. Lucie county reported cards cast (which were 2 per ballot), not ballots. No one even bothered to check. The cries of MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD resonated on every conservative blog on the internet. Why are you so quick to believe unproven rumors that don't make sense anyway?

  7. Cathy Copeland

    Completely support Col. West. Voter fraud is obvious, and it was obvious across the country. Chicago thuggery at it's best; if the Dems can't win legitimately, they'll steal it.

  8. Wade Parham

    Allen West lost and he needs to get over it…he is an embarrassment to soldiers everywhere…go ahead to the Florida courts though, you'll probably get awarded the seat in that screwed up state.

  9. Thomas Collins

    " “I’m not perfect,” St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker said Tuesday. “Neither is my staff.” Given the events of the past week, it’s hard to disagree. Because of her office’s flawed handling of last week’s election, uncertainty hangs needlessly over Patrick Murphy’s stunning defeat of Rep. Allen West."

    She's not perfect? Understatement of the year perhaps, or the beginning of a confession?

  10. Larry Gray

    LTC West is a Hero to American Soldiers. You might want to check your facts.

  11. Serena Taylor

    West is a total nut only a rep. would have this nut back in the house senate. I was very happy that hes out. GOP cry like little babys when they loss. POOR SPORTS

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