What are the reasons for the Flip or Flop stars' divorce?

‘Flip Or Flop’ Divorce Reason: Why Christina And Tarek El Moussa Called It Quits

The reason for Flip or Flop stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s divorce have been the subject of rumors and innuendo for months, with infidelity and even the possibility of domestic violence coming up in the conversation. But now, thanks to an anonymous insider speaking to In Touch Weekly, the real reasons for the divorce can finally be revealed. And they are both what you think they are, and more.

Was Christina Involved With Another Man? Was It Gary Anderson?

According to an insider source speaking anonymously, Christina was texting another man while still married to Tarek El Moussa, and that man was indeed pool contractor Gary Anderson. Apparently, the two met when the El Moussas hired him to renovate their pool (for their personal lives, not for the show), and it appears things heated up from there.

In fact, it was Tarek’s alleged jealousy over Christina’s texting another man that, according to rumors, led to an ugly incident that led to the cops being called, according to a January In Touch Weekly report.

“Tarek saw Christina’s phone and [believed] there was some inappropriate texting going on between Christina and Gary.”

Tarek apparently blew up, and took a gun and ran out of the house. Christina called the police, and they convinced Tarek to give up his gun. The couple quietly divorced shortly after that.

For their parts, both Tarek and Christina have both publicly insisted that there was no infidelity during their marriage.

“Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any third party prior to our separation, or believes the other was.”

It Seems Tarek El Moussa Is A Big Jerk

At this point in the article, it bears noting that allegations about Tarek El Moussa’s behavior towards Christina are just that: allegations. They are provided by an anonymous third party and have not been validated.

Nevertheless, according to an insider, Tarek enjoyed humiliating and verbally abusing Christina on the set of Flip or Flop.

Tarek would, for example, allegedly grab Christina’s butt or breasts while on-set, which, among happily married couples, is probably just a term of endearment. But among a divorcing couple who can’t stand each other, it’s an act of sexual assault.

Further, says the source, he enjoyed being verbally abusive to her in front of the cast and crew as well.

“When she said the wrong thing and they had to do a retake, he got p****d. He often made her cry. Tarek found humor in humiliating his wife in repeated verbal attacks. Some of his bad behavior was even caught on camera [in footage that never aired]. Tarek called Christina a ‘whore’ on set many times.”

Other Flip Or Flop Divorce News

Regardless of what has been going on in their personal lives, when they’re in front of the cameras Tarek and Christina continue to put on brave faces, hosting Flip or Flop as an on-air team. Now, however, it seems that those days may be coming to an end as well.

As Yahoo News reports, both Christina and Tarek are interested in dissolving their on-screen relationship, too. Both Tarek and Christina are reportedly pitching ideas for solo, spinoff Flip or Flop projects. However, as of this writing, it is not clear if Christina and Tarek’s bosses at HGTV are interested in giving either of them, or both of them, their own shows post their Flip or Flop divorce.

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