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Did Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Ruin Her Chances Of Getting Jace Back?

As most Teen Mom 2 fans know by now, Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, David Eason, welcomed their baby daughter, Ensley, into the world on January 24 at 12:49 p.m. According to Radar Online, however, it appears as if Jenelle Evans’ daughter may have been born into a pit of drama.

Jenelle Evans
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During the Teen Mom 2 after-show, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, revealed her daughter’s boyfriend kicked her out of the delivery room just before the birth of her granddaughter.

“David is very excited about having Ensley,” Barbara explained.

“Everything was good until he threw me out of the [delivery] room.”

If it really happened the way Barbara described it, is it possible David may have ruined Jenelle’s chances of getting her son Jace back from her mother?

Jenelle Evans and Barbara fight
Jenelle Evans and Barbara fight [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

The Teen Mom 2 after-show host went on to ask Barbara why she thought Jenelle’s boyfriend kicked her out of the delivery room just before the birth of her granddaughter Ensley. Barbara claimed she had no idea.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s me! I haven’t seen them.”

Jenelle, however, claims her mother is lying and that her boyfriend didn’t kick her out of the delivery room before the birth. Did Barbara lie about being kicked out of the delivery room, or is Jenelle just lying to protect David?

“She was never kicked out of any delivery room. She says that so people feel pity for her. She ends up arguing with my boyfriend and leaves.”

Is it possible Barbara and David really did get into a fight before Jenelle’s daughter was born and Barbara made up the story to make herself feel better about leaving the delivery room?

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jenelle’s mother has never gotten along with Eason. In fact, Barbara Evans has opened up during Teen Mom 2 that her daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend is one of the reasons they are having so many communication issues.

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“She doesn’t talk to me at all,” Barbara explained.

“I think it has a lot to do with David. He has a lot of control over her. They just want to keep to themselves and he just wants to keep Jenelle to himself.”

Could Barbara be right? Is it possible Jenelle’s boyfriend controls her? Or, is it possible the Teen Mom 2 star’s mother is just jealous of the relationship Jenelle has? As fans of the MTV series remember, things between Evans’ boyfriend and her mother got off to a pretty rough start after he called police on her during an argument at Jenelle’s home.

“What do you got her in prison David? She can’t come out of the room? You are the worst boyfriend she’s ever had!”

Jenelle Evans is also currently in a custody battle with her mother regarding her 7-year-old son, Jace. The next hearing for the custody battle is set to happen at the end of May. Jenelle has been pretty open about the custody battle on social media. She revealed she hasn’t actually seen a judge since she originally filed the claim against her mother back in 2015.

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Who do you think is telling the truth about what happened in the delivery room just before Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter? Do you think Jenelle’s boyfriend, David, really threw Barbara out of the room, or do you think Barbara left after getting in a fight with him and just made the story up? More importantly, what are your thoughts on the Jace custody battle? Do you think Barbara should give custody of Jace back to his mother? Share your answers to these questions in the comments section below.

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