shi labeouf bar fight

Shia LaBeouf Allegedly Feels He Gets ‘Picked On’ Because He Is Famous

Shia LaBeouf allegedly feels he is being unfairly “targeted” because he is famous. The Nymphomaniac star supposedly believes that his fame is sometimes an obstacle when socializing in public, according to Radar Online.

The Lawless leading man reportedly got into a bar fight at a London pub last weekend. The 26-year-old actor supposedly believes that his stardom played a significant role in the trouble at the English watering hole. After spending several hours signing autographs at the Hobgoblin pub in South London, the atmosphere allegedly tuned sour. A college student reportedly took the actor’s ball cap and didn’t want to return it to LaBeouf.

A Radar Online source had this to say about Shia’s bar fighting woes:

“Shia swears blind that he doesn’t court trouble, but it seems to follow him wherever he goes. This time, it wasn’t his fault. He lost his temper after someone took his baseball cap and told the guy who took it how he felt. But, it’s this sort of juvenile act that can ignite his short fuse and Shia believes he is picked on by people simply because of his fame.”

According to the source who claims to be close to LaBeouf, his pal stands out in a crowd because he is a well-known celebrity and is therefore an easy target for “pranksters.” The source also maintains that Shia feels he gets “victimized” because of his star status. The Radar Online insider also had this to say about the actor’s struggles to enjoy a cold beer in public:

“He only wants to have a little downtime after a hard day of filming and wants to be treated with a little bit of respect.”