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Bindi Irwin’s Australia Zoo Snake Bite Alert

Bindi Irwin and her family will need to be very careful while managing their Australia Zoo because there have been two separate incidents in which young women were bitten by a green tree snake.

Each of the visitors was bitten in a similar manner during their visit after inadvertently setting foot on a green snake that was slithering by. Bindi Irwin and her family are the owners of Australia Zoo, the iconic Australian wildlife preservation center and zoo that was founded Steve Irvin, her late father. Luckily, both the victims survived the snake bites as green tree snakes are non-venomous, and both women were administered with appropriate medical treatment. Despite the good outcomes for both victims, the back-to-back incidents gave plenty of negative publicity to the famous wildlife center.

After the first incident, representatives from Australia Zoo announced that it was the first time in the zoo’s history that any visitor had been bitten by a snake. According to 9 News, the zoo revealed that the woman was bitten because she was in the zoo’s wetlands area at the time.

“The snake was identified as a green tree snake, which are a common occurrence in the wetlands, as it is the perfect environment for their favorite food, frogs.”

However, the snake bite incident did not end up being an isolated one, with another woman suffering from a snake bite just a few days after the first incident. Even though it followed its own first-aid protocol and moved the patient to the Caloundra Hospital for further treatment, Bindi Irwin’s Australia Zoo has been criticized for taking the incident very lightly, even joking about it on the zoo’s Facebook page.

Fans have not forgotten that Steven Irwin, Bindi Irwin’s father, died after he was attacked by a stingray. It is also important to remember that some Australian snakes are extremely venomous, to the extent that snake bite victims could die even before first-aid is administered to them.

Handling snakes and other rare and venomous Australian creatures is nothing new for Bindi Irwin, considering the fact that she has been accompanying her parents on various wildlife missions since she was a baby. In fact, Bindi Irwin even featured a giant Anaconda on the set of Dancing With the Stars when she was participating in the show.

On the personal front, Bindi Irwin has spent the past month with Chandler Powell, her wakeboarder boyfriend, who returned to Australia to reunite with his girlfriend after the pair spent Christmas apart.

Bindi Irwin spent the festive season without her partner as he had flown back to the United States to celebrate Christmas with his family and also to pursue his studies in Florida, while Irwin opted to stay in Australia with her family.

People magazine reported that one of Bindi latest Instagram photos shows her relaxing with Chandler Powell on the beach in Byron Bay, arguably one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Byron Bay was glorious ☀️???????? Beach vibes with my Sunshine.

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The young couple share a common passion for adventure and the wilderness, and their relationship dates back several years when Powell used to watch Bindi Irwin’s TV show after school. Powell finally met his TV crush when he and his family visited Australia Zoo in 2013, and the pair have been in touch with each other since their first meeting, with their love blossoming even though they live on two different continents. Bindi Irwin and her wakeboarder boyfriend make their relationship work by regularly visiting each other, and staying in touch through other means while they’re living apart.

2016 proved to be a special year for the pair, with Powell celebrating his 20th birthday in Australia, and hiking through the Great Dividing Range with Bindi Irwin. According to the Daily Telegraph, Bindi Irwin’s partner posted a social media message that thanked her for making 2016 such a memorable year.

“2016 will be one I remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for making it so incredible. I can’t wait to make 2017 even more memorable with you @BindiSueIrwin.”

According to the Daily Mail, Chandler Powell was looking forward to spending a whole month in Australia, especially since his visit coincided with Australian school holidays, and he felt excited to witness the school holiday activities that would take place at Australia Zoo.

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