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Is Jessa Duggar Seewald In Labor Yet? New Video Of Spurgeon May Just Give A Hint

Baby watch is on now that Jessa Duggar Seewald has gone past her official due date and is about ready to give birth to her and Ben’s second child. Fans of the Counting On family are eagerly waiting for this new little one to make his or her arrival any day now. Has the reality star gone into labor yet? A sweet video clip of Spurgeon Elliot may just give a small hint that maybe she has still not gone into labor, and is just waiting it out as she enjoys the antics of her cute son.

There will eventually be an announcement soon enough, but it looks like Jessa is still hanging in there for now. While her silence on social media may just be an indication that the baby is on its way, she has just broken that silence on Saturday by posting a sweet video of her firstborn, Spurgeon, on her official Facebook page and on Twitter.

The clip shows the one-year-old playing a game all by himself. He is twirling around and around making himself quite dizzy as most toddlers like to do. Spurgeon is laughing as he is doing it and taking a few tumbles as well. He also seems to be melting many hearts every time his mom posts a video such as this one. He will soon be a big brother, despite the fact that the Seewalds have said that he doesn’t know exactly what that means just yet.

This posting on social media is most likely a clue that the Duggar daughter is not in labor just yet. The video was taken at their home in Arkansas, which is most likely where her second delivery will take place. By the looks of this clip, Jessa is just chilling at home with her family just waiting it all out.

The Duggar women always plan for a home birth unless there are complications along the way that would send them straight to the hospital for further care. That is exactly what happened in 2015 when Spurgeon first came into the world. He was born just fine, but Jessa started losing too much blood. As viewers saw on their reality show on TLC, Michelle Duggar was worried enough to call 911 to get the new mother some medical help. Everything was fine after she received a blood transfusion and thankfully the baby was perfectly healthy.

Now that she and Ben have already experienced the childbirth process, they seem to be more relaxed about it this time around. TLC just recently sat down with the couple as they discussed the upcoming joyous occasion and if they know whether they are having another little boy or a little girl. Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband know what the gender is, but they are not willing to spill that secret. Everyone will just have to be surprised when the baby is born. Not even their family knows, just like it was with their first pregnancy.

????????first – second ???????? #39weeks #BabySeewald2

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They revealed that they have not picked out a name for this bundle of joy just yet. They reminisced in the TLC interview that baby Spurgeon was almost a week old before they had decided on a name for him. Will it be that way this time around?

Jessa, who takes to social media quite often to post updates, videos, and photos, sent out a snapshot of herself, sisters Jana and Jill, and friend Sierra, hanging out together before she has the baby. Jill is also expecting, but she is not due until this summer. There could also be a possibility that younger sis, Jinger Vuolo, could either be pregnant right now, or be expecting before Jill has her second child. Jinger and Jeremy are letting God deal with it all, as they had previously mentioned, so it could be anytime now for the newlyweds to make another baby announcement from the Duggar camp.

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Devoted fans of the reality TV family are patiently waiting for word that Jessa Duggar Seewald is in labor or has had her second baby. They are almost as excited as she is by the comments made on her social media accounts. With 19 kids in their family, there is always some kind of news to share.

Do you think Spurgeon will have a little brother or a sister?

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