Edible Deodorant

Edible Deodorant Makes You Smell Great From The Inside Out

Is edible deodorant the wave of the future? A new company claims to have a candy that will make you smell like roses from the inside out, according to ABC News.

Instead of putting on deodorant in a traditional sense, odorous individuals can simply pop a Deo Perfume Candy into their mouths and avoid the hassle. An alcohol called geraniol evaporates through the skin and surrounds the person with a delightful smell.

Although some experts are skeptical about the product’s effectiveness, the edible deodorant has reportedly found success in Spain, Germany, China, Korea, and Armenia. US retailers will begin selling the product in the near future. Amazon currently sells the product online for $10 per packet.

However, George Preti, a chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, isn’t entirely sold the candy just yet.

“I think we can probably agree that if you eat food with a lot of aromatic spice, like garlic and curry, eventually it will work its way into your sweat and influence the way you smell,” he explained. “But no one has actually demonstrated that.”

The health and nutrition company Beneo has reportedly joined forces with Bulgarian candy maker Alpi to create the unusual candy. According to the Guardian, a distributor in the UK is presently working with a “high street retailer” to get the product in stores by Valentine’s Day.

In 2009, a Japanese company had a similar idea when they released Fuwarinka Scented Gum back in 2009. Like the edible deodorant, this product promised to make you smell great from the inside out.

“An incredibly unique taste, this is peach jasmine flavored gum by kracie with special healing benefits. Not only is this a sugarless gum with added vitamin C, but it also contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient claimed to help prevent premature aging in the skin, and it even improves the way you smell, adding a touch of rose aroma to your natural body odor,” the company said of the chewing gum.

Would you try edible deodorant?