Best Super Bowl 51 Recipes: All The Coolest, From Buffalo Chicken Dip To Dessert

Best Super Bowl 51 Recipes: All The Coolest, From Buffalo Chicken Dip To Dessert

Super Bowl 51 is finally here, and anyone looking for the best recipes for the big game — everything from Buffalo chicken wing dip to tasty desserts — can look no further.

The biggest day in American sports is also something of a tribute to American cuisine, when beer and nachos and pizza are on display. The Super Bowl itself can sometimes disappoint, but there’s a few standards every year — good commercials, and great eats.

If you’re looking for a great Super Bowl 51 recipe to bring to your party, it’s useful to start by knowing what people are eating during the big game. That will give a basis to know what most people are looking for on Super Sunday.

The NRFP’s Super Bowl Spending Study reported that about 70 million Americans will be attending some kind of party during the game, so there will be plenty of chances to please with a good recipe. And ABC News found what they’ll be most likely to eat.

“The three most popular snacks (based on sales for the week prior to last year’s Super Bowl) are potato chips ($140.2 million), unflavored nuts ($90.8 million) and crackers ($93 million). Americans spent an additional $5.1 million on vegetable trays, $22,685 on shrimp cocktail, $20.1 million on tortilla chips and $4.9 million on tater tots, according to Nielsen.”

But those are the basics. If you want to find a great recipe to make for Super Bowl 51, you might want to think a bit unique and go beyond these basics. Below are some great ones you can try. has a great recipe for fried oyster sliders with lime ailoi, pickled onion, and baby arugula. This is a great one for anyone who prefers seafood over red meat, and it goes great with beer and wings. The full instructions can be found here.

Buffalo chicken wing dip is one of the most popular picks for Super Bowl 51, but there are plenty of ways to make it. has a popular version of it (along with some other cool ones like vegan enchiladas, beer-steamed sliders, and guacamole potato boats).

Another one of the most popular Buffalo chicken wing dip recipes comes from the YouTube page Food Wishes, and can be seen below.

Another simple variation on the Buffalo chicken wing dip comes from BuzzFeed.

No Super Bowl party would be complete without chicken wings, but there’s more than just baking the wings and rolling them around in a mixture of melted butter and Frank’s Hot Sauce. There are as many recipes for chicken wings as the imagination can handle, and has a page with 30 east and delicious recipes. From classic wings to spicy garlic to Korean, there’s bound to be something there that meets your fancy.

But the Super Bowl isn’t all about eating salty, cheese-smothered foods. OK, it’s mostly about that, but the Super Bowl is also a good time to break out some new dessert recipes. has a rundown of the 30 best desserts to make for Super Bowl 51 (the Snickers cheeseball is especially awesome).

The New York Times has published some other great options for Super Bowl 51 desserts. These serve as a great way to end the night, pull them out in the fourth quarter so even if the game is a blowout by that point, the food can still be great.

For some other great Super Bowl 51 recipes, you can check out some gourmet options from, slow-cooker favorites from Fansided, and even Super Bowl recipes geared toward kids.

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