Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 tournament

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77: The Tournament Of Power Begins. Has Goku Erred??

At last, Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 begins its new arc where Zen-O-Sama, or the King Of Everything, decides on holding an all-universe martial arts tournament upon the childish insistence of Goku. The Tournament of the 12 Universes in Dragon Ball Super which everyone was desperately waiting for has finally commenced, that too with a new opening theme.

One of the most intriguing things Episode 77 has brought forth to its fans is the new opening where a mysterious character appears as a protagonist, with what seems to be something like a new transformation of Goku, or so everyone hopes. The new saga will definitely have plentiful surprises awaiting Dragon Ball Super’s fans.

The battle of the universes saga will not only have a multitude of combatants from all universes, but it’ll feature the survival of the fittest. Despite the God of Destruction’s warning to Goku to not involve himself with the King of Everything, Goku failed to comply with his mentor’s warning and went head on to meet with Zen-O-Sama, the King of Everything. Beerus, on the other hand, explained that the King of Everything may be innocent and noble, but his innocence is dangerous. Throughout the episode, Beerus seems nervous regarding Goku’s meeting with Zen-O-Sama and informs Goku of his naivety. There are obviously a lot of things lying beneath Beerus’ apparent apprehensions, things that Goku would not be able to fathom. In this context, it seems that Goku has made a grave mistake by compelling Zen-O-Sama to hold the all-universe martial-arts tournament, ill-informed of the repercussions that might follow through.

Despite an array of characters that appear in the new opening theme of Dragon Ball Super, including the girl in pink, the werewolf, Cabba, Frost and other unknown characters, it is surprising to note that the powerful Hit does not appear anywhere. Makes one curious doesn’t it? Fans will see a team of 10 combatants from each universe along with their respective Gods of Destruction. Speaking of the Gods of Destruction, the new Saga opening shows a clown god which is perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the new Saga. This clown god definitely gives off an aura of mystery and malignity.

Finally, there will also be the fighters of the Universe 7 participating in the tournament. Among these combatants, it’s glad to find out that Krillin is also a participant. After all, he does have the strong will to pursue martial arts again as Episode 76 revealed. But in spite of what fans may think, it is necessary to recognize that Goku and Vegeta are not the only ones who take the spotlight for the upcoming saga. Apart from Krillin, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if fans get to see Gohan as one of the participants from the seventh universe. Seeing him train and unleash his regressed power against Piccolo, will Gohan be able to show something worth seeing in Dragon Ball Super at last? The opening theme also give a glimpse of Android 17 and Master Roshi.

Reverting back to Goku’s erring. The next episode of Dragon Ball Super is titled “Gods of Each Universe are Aghast?! You’ll be Obliterated If You Lose at The Tournament of Power.” As the title suggests, there will be definite consequences of Goku’s insistence towards Zen-O-Sama to hold the Tournament of Power. It becomes more and more apparent that Beerus’ warnings weren’t just a bluff and that Goku has made a terrible mistake by initiating the tournament. Apparently, the losers of the tournament will have their respective universes destroyed. It becomes a game of the survival of the fittest that goes beyond saying that there will not be any consequences for the losers. The Gods of Destruction are left shocked when they hear the news that they’ll be obliterated. Perhaps the story might unfold in a different manner, but there is no telling what Goku has gotten all universes into.

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