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Eden Sassoon Changing Her Tune About Kim Richards’ Sobriety On ‘RHOBH’?

Eden Sassoon might be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has already made quite the impression on both the ladies on the show and on viewers. It’s no secret that Sassoon has some personal issues in regard to alcoholism, sobriety, and overdoses, so when she learned that Kim Richards and Kyle were struggling with some similar issues, she felt she had to offer up her two cents without asking whether they were open to listening to it. While she may have had great intentions, viewers were upset that she was using her co-star’s problems to gain fame for herself.

According to a new Bravo report, Eden Sassoon revealed that she had great intentions when it came to sharing her stories with Kim and Kyle. Eden had great experiences with sobriety, addiction, and overdoses as her sister died from an overdose, and Sassoon herself had dealt with addiction and sobriety. She has admitted that she has struggled with alcoholism, something that Kim Richards also dealt with. But Eden Sassoon may never have guessed that her concerns would turn into gossip.

“Dorit learned from this experience that talking behind people’s backs gets them nowhere. I agree. So out of respect I want to come clean about anything I said to Dorit. I would have appreciated my “friend” Rinna supporting me in the conversation I was having with Kyle at her BBQ considering she’s the one who started this. Kyle’s right on one thing… this is bullsh–,” Eden Sassoon explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing that she now questions whether Lisa Rinna is truly her friend.

Of course, Rinna had told Eden that Kim Richards was close to death because of her addictions. When Lisa made the comment, it seemed to be very out of place. While Kim had struggled once before, it sounds like she is doing very well these days. Richards has shown no signs of being under the influence, so Rinna’s comment was very out of line. And when Kyle learns about the comment next week, she appeared to be shocked. But Eden was merely acting based on the fact that she thought Kim was dying.

“I’m thankful that Kyle told me she’s not upset that I’m having these feelings and thinks that if Kim and I were stranded on a beach somewhere, we would probably be great friends. As long as the beach has aloe plants, we will be just fine!” Eden Sassoon explains in her blog about her confrontation with Kyle Richards, sharing that she’s thankful that Kyle was able to forgive her and move on.

Of course, Sassoon didn’t want to get involved with any personal drama, but Eden Sassoon just wanted to let Kim and her sister know that she’s there for them, and she knows what they are going through. And she gives Richards props for sticking up for her sister and being there for her as she struggled with alcohol a few years ago.

“The bond between sisters is unbreakable. Seeing Kyle want good sober friends for her sister is pure. In the words of Kyle Richards, we all need a good support system. Now can I have my #EdenHug?” Eden Sassoon explains in her blog for Bravo, sharing, “I can’t even comment on the Kim and Kyle situation anymore. They should ask their friends how this started! I’m just done. But believe me, I hear Vanderpump! I have mad respect for her and point taken! And Vanderpump is a smart woman. She’ll get to the bottom of this!”

What do you think of Eden Sassoon’s comments about Kim’s sobriety? Are you surprised that Sassoon has been so active in talking about Richards’ past issues?

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