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Versace’s Racy Spring 2017 Campaign Features Gigi Hadid Naked

Versace, one of the leading international fashion labels, signifies everything associated with luxury. Established in 1978 by Italian designer Gianni Versace, the House of Versace offers a wide variety of accessories, watches, clothing, fragrances, and eyewear for men and women.

Gianni Versace was fond of creating astounding designs that usually left people awestruck. As an Italian, Versace was heavily influenced by ancient Roman and Greek mythology and hence he adopted the head of Medusa as the logo for his fashion house. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a beautiful woman whose locks of hair were turned into serpents when she angered the Greek goddess Athena for spoiling the sanctity of her temple.

Medusa’s face was turned so ugly that any onlooker who would look in her eyes would be instantaneously turned to stone. Versace chose Medusa for the companies logo as he believed that his designs were as beautiful and seductive as Medusa before she was cursed.

The fashion company has also expanded its product range to include automobile and helicopter interiors. The company has also diversified in real estate by partnering with a Chinese infrastructure company to set up Palazzo Versace Luxury Hotels.

Today, Versace is one of the most admired fashion labels in the world, with supermodels considering it one of the most prestigious fashion houses to model for. Recently, a nude Gigi Hadid posed for the Versace Spring 2017 advertisement while wearing only high heels. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the advertisement shows a naked Gigi Hadid carrying a Versace handbag as she lies on a bed that is covered by Versace bed sheet and pillows.

The girlfriend of Zayn Malik has appeared nude in other advertisements, but the Versace advertisement somehow seems to take Hadid’s nudity to another level, perhaps due to the inherently racy nature of the photographs and the way that Hadid has been positioned. News Australia reports that the young model has earlier posed nude in an advertisement that promoted Stuart Weitzman’s Spring 2017 collection.

However, the Versace advertisement has taken sensuality to an altogether different level. The tote handbag carried by Hadid in the Versace advertisement the has a price tag of $3,295. According to Yahoo, another picture related to the same advertisement shows the model donning a jacket while relaxing on the bed.

The advertisement also shows Hadid flaunting a pair of glittering rings on her fingers. Gigi Hadid had earlier modeled for the Italian fashion house when she appeared in the company’s Fall/Winter campaign that was shot by renowned photographer Bruce Weber. The ad campaign that also featured model Karlie Kloss turned out to be controversial because many people perceived is to represent teenage motherhood.

The campaign ad flashed pictures of Hadid and Kloss along with young children that also included an African-American baby who wore a chain. The campaign was widely criticized on social media, with many taking fans to the chain around the African-American baby, with it being perceived as a symbol of slavery.

Nudity has always been a prominent feature in Versace advertisements and naked models have managed to draw public attention through the strategic placement of Versace accessories. In 1995, Sylvester Stallone famously appeared nude along with Claudia Schiffer in a Versace advertisement to promote the company’s houseware products.

In most recent news, a former Versace employee has disclosed that the reputed fashion label exhibited unfair business practices at their workplace because the store employees were alerted when a black customer entered the store. The Los Angeles Times reported that the employee, who claims to be biracial, is suing Versace for not only discriminating against him but also for firing him when the staff became aware of his racial identity. The company has refuted the allegations and it has appealed to the court to dismiss the case.

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