Former couple were already estranged

Angelina Jolie Not To Blame For Split Between Aniston And Pitt? New Details

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began their controversial romance 12 years ago after they met filming the hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Angelina quickly became blamed as the reason that Brad Pitt split from his then-wife, Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. Immediately fans began to take sides, and Pitt and Jolie carried on with their relationship, quickly expanding their family and becoming an A-list couple with a joint name of reference, Brangelina.

Brangelina has recently come to an end after a two-year marriage and six children. The former couple is now battling it out in court for custody of their children and attempting to reach a divorce settlement. Since the stars agreed to seal their court documents, little is known about the proceedings, yet it has meant a bit of peace for the two who have endured a tumultuous few months.

However, new stress has likely been caused since filmmaker Ian Halperin has stepped forward noting that he is in the process of putting together a Brangelina tell-all documentary, as The Wrap reminds, that reveals reported dark secrets from the couple’s 12 years together. A source working on production has also come forward with some details that will be shared within the documentary, including the fact that Angelina Jolie was reportedly not the reason that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced. The source claims that Jen and Brad were already on the verge of sharing their own divorce announcement and had many issues that had caused them to be estranged before Pitt getting together with Jolie.

Radar Online shares words of the said source on the subject of the Aniston-Pitt split.

“Brad and Jen were having serious issues for a long time before Ang came along. This film will finally reveal the real reason Brad and Jen split. If it wasn’t Angelina Jolie it would have been someone else. The film clearly shows there is a pattern in his behavior in relationships.”

The source also goes on to share that Jen reportedly feels vindicated now despite the embarrassing split with Pitt and the avenue he chose to take at the time. Aniston also reportedly feels like it all worked out for the best when it comes to her own life, seeing as Pitt has allegedly struggled with addiction over the years he has been with the actress and UN envoy.

“It seems like Jen really feels like she dodged a bullet with Brad. Jen seems shocked at the path that Brad went down in the past 12 years. Some of the allegations against him are unfounded, but the accusations of alcohol and drugs are not, and its all revealed in the film!”

The film, which as stated, is meant to expose new details and footage about Brad and Angelina in their early days of their relationship and what resulted in it coming to an end 12 years later, is entitled Broken: The Incredible Story of Brad and Angelina. The filmmaker has insisted that it is a “balanced” window into the relationship of this former A-list couple.

Ian has been adamant in recent interviews that there are two sides to every story and that neither Brad nor Angelina were innocent when it comes to the marriage crumbling. He also stated that the two had been estranged for a year up until the point that Jolie finally filed for divorce in September. The source added that the film would be a fair telling of both sides to the story,

“No matter how bad people think Angie’s behavior has been, this will be film fair. She has made more substantial contributions to human rights than any other human in Hollywood. Her philanthropic causes are genuine. Some celebrities just want the cameras there, but she is very genuine.”

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