Lala Kent Boyfriend

Lala Kent Boyfriend: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Finally Dishes On Her Relationship

Lala Kent decided to leave Vanderpump Rules late last year as she was stressed out and upset about how her co-stars were treating her. No matter what Lala told them about her relationship, none of her co-stars actually respected what she was saying and they chose to believe rumors that she was dating a married man. Lala Kent is tired of hearing the same stories and rumors every week, so she’s decided to distance herself from the show. Now, Kent is speaking out about why people won’t know who her boyfriend is.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is finally breaking her silence about her relationship. Over the past couple of weeks, she’s been the subject of many rumors, including that she’s dating a married man, that she’s broken up a marriage, that she’s been dating an athlete and more recently, that she’s dating a producer. Now, Lala is revealing that she’s done giving the rumors attention and she’s tired of being the subject of rumors.

“I literally just said it’s played out. No one will ever get the answer they are looking for. Leave my f**king relationship alone. ENOUGH,” Lala Kent revealed on Twitter this week, sharing that she was done sharing details about her relationship.

She posted that was tired of people making assumptions about who she was dating, as she kept denying that she was dating a married man.

“I love how ppl go on reality tv n eat the fame up till qs start being asked then they want privacy grow up little girl. I don’t care, the point I’m making is don’t get on tv then cry about privacy she was happy to throw her t*ts on tv,” one Twitter used named Jamee Drake replied to Lala Kent, who then added herself, “Because my t*ts and I signed up for the show. My man did not. End of story.”

It sounds like Lala Kent has no problem opening up about her life on Vanderpump Rules, but she doesn’t want her co-stars to talk about her relationship. As she explains on Twitter, her boyfriend never signed up to share his life on Vanderpump Rules and she respects his privacy. There are many reality stars who have been able to keep their partners away from reality television, but it sounds like Lala Kent has a hard time separating the two because of her co-stars.

“My love life is between me and my man. No1 else. No1 will ever kno the ins & outs of my relationship bc I don’t owe that to you. I hold my relationships and friendships close to my heart. That’s all there is to say. Move on from the f**king married man thing. It didn’t happen. I know y’all wish it did. But again, you don’t know s**t. This played the f**k out. made a great storyline for season 5 tho. Ya welcome,” Lala Kent revealed in a lengthy tweet, sharing that she won’t be dishing any details about her relationship because he doesn’t want to be on the show.

Kent has revealed that she never dated a married man, and there was never any truth to that rumor. Instead, she defends her boyfriend, sharing that her relationship with him is private and she will never talk about him or what he does for a living. It sounds like she wants to keep dating him and is willing to risk her reality television fame for love.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s tweets about setting the record straight about her relationship? Do you think she’s right to keep her relationship private?

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