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WWE News: Kevin Owens Vs. Brock Lesnar Is Happening, But Will It Be On The Air?

From the minute it was announced that Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar would be facing off against one another in the main event at New York’s Madison Square Garden in March, WWE news stories speculated about what we can expect from the sure-to-be-legendary confrontation. But the latest news about the proposed match is that while it’s definitely going to happen, fans may not see it on the air at all!

According to the latest WWE news from WrestleZone, this match between the two WWE superstars will mark Lesnar’s official return to the company. The two will be facing off for the Universal title, and of course, there will be more predictions and speculation as we get closer to the time of the clash of the two titans. However, the reason this brawl might not make it on the air is because the two wrestlers are on the Raw brand, and the show in March at Madison Square Garden is billed as a SmackDown Live event.

As a result, according to WrestleZone, this match might not make it to the air. If it does, however, it will be an interesting cross-over, and just might drive traffic to the troubled Raw brand, which has been suffering from a steady ratings decline.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE news from ComicBook, there’s a possibility that when this encounter between Lesnar and Owens takes place, there won’t be a belt to fight over to begin with. Remember; on March 5, Fastlane will be taking place, which is going to be the first Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View event of the year. It’s rumored that Goldberg and Owens will be facing off against one another in the main event, and if that’s so, it might be Goldberg who snatches the title from Owens before Lesnar gets a chance to put the WWE Universal Title belt around his muscular waist.

“The official website for Madison Square Garden has revealed that Lesnar will face WWE Universal Championship Kevin Owens for the title at the event. Being that it is a SmackDown show, the match is being advertised as a “special attraction.” It should be noted that Owens may not have the championship by the time this match happens, as the WWE Fastlane pay-per-view takes place on Sunday, March 5th, where it is rumored that Goldberg will be facing Owens in the main event.”

Finally, in a separate report for Comicbook, the latest WWE news suggests that Owens is doing everything he can to stay in the spotlight and keep the attention on him as he prepares for this bout.

Owens recently appeared on the Talk is Jericho podcast, which of course is run by Owens’ bestie Chris Jericho. Originally, AJ Styles was supposed to be the guest on the show, but he dropped out at the last minute, and Owens took his place.

This didn’t sit well with the audience members, who were desperate to have AJ Styles on the show.

“After saying his piece, the heckler was brought on stage to chants of “stupid idiot”, which to his credit he embraced. Owens then asked him if this was his attempt at looking like AJ Styles, and the response he got was a bit fumbled. Owens said “That’s exactly how Kevin Owens looks. It was a decent attempt at a comeback, but you just failed miserably.”

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