Extended run times announced for the first three episodes of the second half of Season 7

‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Gets Extended Runtime

As fans look forward to the return of The Walking Dead on February 12, 2017, they’re getting a little extra something as an early Valentine’s Day present. It turns out that the mid-season premiere is getting an extended runtime. Not only that, but the next two episodes will run a little longer as well.

The premiere will run for 73 minutes; the following episode gets a six-minute bump, and the third episode gets an eight-minute boost. While the second and third episodes don’t have a title or synopsis yet, AMC did reveal the title of the season premiere.

The mid-season premiere is titled, “Rock in the Road,” with the official synopsis reading as follows.

“Rick is introduced to a new community.”

Of course, everyone assumes that this means that Rick will finally meet The Kingdom, and given the preview trailer for the episode, that is likely. However, given how showrunner Scott Gimple likes to mess with people’s expectations, it’s also likely that the viewers will get to see another community, the fan-named “Garbage Pail Kids.”

The Walking Dead returns on Feb 12, 2017
Rick and Company make their case in the Season 7B promo. [Image by AMC]

Who are the Garbage Pail Kids?

These Garbage Pail Kids are the group that was hinted at in the mid-season finale by a pair of boots that followed Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria from the boathouse. They are also rumored to be future allies of the Alexandria survivors who end up betraying them at the end of the season. Aerial shots of the Garbage Pail Kids’ base have been leaked on sites such as The Spoiling Dead Fans‘ Facebook page, showing a huge mound of garbage with an arena in the center.

The center of that pit could be where Rick faces off against the spiked walker that loomed so terrifyingly in the promos. Maybe fighting Mr. Spikey Bitey is a way for Rick to prove to the Garbage Pail Kids that he and the rest of the Alexandria survivors are worthy of being allies.

Season 7 Episode 9 details revealed
Rick Grimes senses a new friend has joined the fight. [Image by AMC]

Teasers and More

The rest of the season looks to be just as exciting. AMC released a slew of teasers for the second half all over social media. One showcased the aforementioned Garbage Pail Kids.

While another showed King Ezekiel looking stern with the caption, “You’ve been granted an audience with the king…”

There’s also the first meeting between Simon and Rick, where Rick doesn’t look at all pleased to be making the acquaintance of Negan’s right hand man.

A mysterious shot of a red broken down truck with a corpse laying on the ground begs the question of who the truck belonged to and what does this have to do with our survivors?

Twitter isn’t the only place that The Walking Dead has been busy. Their Facebook page has also been busy with new shots of some of our favorite survivors. Here’s Michonne looking a little dour and ready to slice and dice.

With the release of the second half of Season 7, maybe fans will also get some answers about the mysterious images that were released during the hiatus.

A lonely lantern,

a bundle of dynamite,

a batch of worn out rubber ducks,

a bicycle,

a flashlight tied to something with twine,

a hammer and old black walnuts,

a bunch of peanuts,

a bloody handprint,

four cantaloupes,

an upside down metal bucket,

and an old desiccated corpse.

Theories about these images abound, from making explosives, to them meaning nothing at all. Whatever they mean, Gimple and the rest of the show’s writers and actors are staying quiet.

What do you think, Walking Dead fans? Are you excited for the new episodes? What do you think the mysterious images mean? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by AMC]