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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Stefano Finally Trapped At The Masquerade Ball?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have been released, and it looks like everything is closing in on Stefano. As we know, he has been on the run in Prague, and it seems like everyone on Days is after him. That said, while the gang will probably be thrilled to discover that their job is almost done in Prague, danger still lurks.

According to a post from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the spoilers teased that Marlena, who already volunteered to act as bait for Stefano, is wracking her brain for ideas that will pull him out of hiding. To get everyone in the same place at the same time for an eventful confrontation, it’s Rafe that will hatch a plan to go to the masquerade, which he’s sure the famous baddie will attend since it’s for the rich and famous.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that the first foreseeable problem is getting invites for the group, considering its exclusivity. This doesn’t remain a big issue for too long because Paul will then make a quick call to Sonny. Sonny then flies to Prague to be with the rest of the group to see if he can muster up any connections he might have left during his time that he spent in Europe. Days of Our Lives viewers might be thrilled when they find out that Sonny can get invites for everyone to the masquerade.

As the Inquisitr‘s Days of Our Lives posts have teased, it can’t be that easy to capture Stefano. After all, he beat death so many times that we doubt writers are going to leave this to a chance meeting at the masquerade. Days Of Our Lives viewers know that an epic finale is coming, and this finale, will more than likely close out Stefano’s long-running storyline, given that actor Joseph Mascolo recently passed away.

Days of Our Lives spoilers don’t indicate whether or not the gang will be successful in this plan, but they’re definitely getting closer to a showdown with the powerful villain, that’s for sure. Rafe especially wants to see this come to an end soon, because he wants to see Hope free as she didn’t kill Stefano like everyone thought. However, this doesn’t mean that Hope has an easy road to freedom. As Days of Our Lives viewers are aware, Hope broke free from prison after her life was threatened by two inmates.

Even though it looked like Hope was finally free from prison, Days of Our Lives viewers know that just became she’s no longer in prison, doesn’t mean that she’s necessarily free. She was on the run until she found herself at Eric’s farmhouse and since then her life was in peril due to an extremely high fever. The two have been outside of Salem away from friends and family. So, even if Rafe does prove that Hope is innocent, Days of Our Lives fans can probably guess that what she did is still considered an offense, so she may be put back in prison for all we know.

In other Days of Our Lives spoilers news it’s said this week will bring Deimos’ fury out as he’s on a mission to punish Dario after he had been instrumental in ordering his death. Due to Deimos’ power, Dario’s life will be put in grave danger after he has a run-in with some dangerous people. His life will hang in the balance at the hospital due to the violent attack. Meanwhile, spoilers state that Chloe and Nicole are also still battling too, so there’s a lot of upcoming brawls going down on Days of Our Lives.

What do you think of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think the Stefano storyline is coming to an end? Is Dario’s fate sealed?

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