Rise of the Necromancer is Diablo 3's upcoming DLC

‘Diablo 3: Rise Of The Necromancer’ Update: Blizzard Q&A Provides Details On Hero Class’ Pets, Abilities, Golems, And More, How Different Is Necromancer From Witch Doctor Class?

The hype continues with Diablo 3’s upcoming DLC, Rise of the Necromancer, as Blizzard recently hosted a livestream event to answer some of the questions about the resurrected hero class.

Fans have waited in anticipation for the announcement of the release date of Rise of the Necromancer since it was announced at Blizzcon in November 2016. Unfortunately, Blizzard did not provide details on when the game will be available and how much it will cost. The developer, however, gave some information on what players can expect from the return of the Necromancer, based on the questions submitted in the forums.

Since the reveal of Diablo 3’s DLC, there have been burning questions about how different the Necromancer class, which originally appeared in Diablo 2, is from the current game’s Witch Doctor. Blizzard already explained that Witch Doctors have this spiritual connection to an otherworldly realm, from which they draw their magic, as opposed to Necromancers’ dark source of magic: bone and blood.

Rise of the Necromancer’s hero class is different from the Witch Doctor [Image by Gamerscore Blog|Flickr|Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]

At the recent Q&A session, as summarized in a Reddit post, Blizzard reiterated that Rise of the Necromancer will have a darker overall theme. It was also mentioned that there will be a difference when it comes to pets as the Necromancers will all be controllable to some degree as they can be commanded where they will attack and what they should focus on. It was also revealed that most of the damage dealt on enemies can come from the hero or his pets.

The pets or minions come in variety, with some being permanent and some that can hang around with the hero temporarily. It was also confirmed that the skeletal archers and mages will be making an appearance on the Diablo 3 DLC.

Golems are also among the Necromancer’s battle companions that the hero can summon. In Diablo 2, the hero can summon four types of Golems: Clay, Blood, Iron, and Fire. For Diablo 3, Blizzard confirmed that there will be Golems and the development team is currently working on three types, with a possibility of adding one or two more, which means there could be a total of four or five types of Golems.

As for weapons, Blizzard revealed that the Necromancer can use any weapon that is not class-specific or that is not a bow or crossbow. The hero class will have its own class-weapon, which is the scythe. That said, most of the Necromancer skills will be based on a close-range fighting style. It was also mentioned that the hero gets to use two-handed scythes.

Diablo 3’s Necromancer class is not just bringing back the hero class with new lore and more abilities. As Blizzard suggested, the character is more of a reimagining of the original Necromancer. One of the skills confirmed to be part of the Necromancer is Decrepify, a curse that combines Amplify Damage and Weaken. The Iron Maiden skill, however, will not be part of the hero class built for Diablo 3. Also, there won’t be a lot of Poison skills from the hero this time.

Rise of the Necromancer requires Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls to run [Image by Marco Verch|Wikimedia Commons|Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]

Blizzard has already provided an overview of what the reimagined hero class will be and how it compares to the Witch Doctor. For now, fans are eager to know the release date and the price of the game pack but the developer has not given the details. More information can be expected in the coming weeks as Blizzard promised to keep players updated.

It was also confirmed that Rise of the Necromancer will arrive on all platforms at the same time. Players need to make sure they have Diablo 3 and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls to play the new class on PC. For console players, the Ultimate Evil Edition is required.

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[Featured Image by Gamerscore Blog|Flickr|Cropped and Resized|CC BY-SA 2.0]