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LeBron James Reportedly Fears Khloe Kardashian Will Reconcile With Lamar Odom, Dump Tristan Thompson

LeBron James thinks it’s only a matter of time before Khloe Kardashian breaks Tristan Thompson’s heart and reconciles with Lamar Odom, it has been alleged.

The famous athlete isn’t convinced that Khloe and Tristan are going to last much longer, despite reports claiming that the couple has been talking about marriage and children for their future plans together, Radar Online notes.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, Hollywood Life contends, stressing that Lebron James can’t take the romance as serious as Tristan, knowing that he’s eventually going to find themselves being dumped by the 32-year-old.

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LeBron is convinced that Khloe still has feelings for Lamar, a source explained. With Odom’s recent comments about wanting to reconcile with his ex-wife, there’s no doubt in James’ mind that the reality star would’ve definitely considered the idea of getting back with her former partner.

The insider further added that LeBron James is no stranger to Lamar, having seen how much the twosome adored each other when the athletes played against one another during previous NBA matches, prior to Odom’s downfall that has seen him take a hiatus from his basketball career.

The love that Khloe has for Lamar is irreplaceable, and while things may be looking perfect from the inside looking in, Kardashian’s relationship with Thompson is going to come to an end sooner than later, and when it does, the TV star will be right back in Odom’s arms, the outlet suggests.

“Bron wants to see them workout, he told Tristan to be prepared if she leaves,” an insider explained. “LeBron James hated to break it to TT but told him that everybody in the league knows that will always be Lamar Odom’s girl.”

“Bron knows Lamar and has seen Khloe and Lamar’s unique love for each other in the past with his own eyes and knows it’s real because it’s the same type of love he has with Savannah.”

When Tristan first broke the news to his Cavaliers teammates about his relationship with Khloe, LeBron James was said to have been against the twosome’s romance, with sources claiming that the 32-year-old felt as if Khloe would be nothing but a distraction in the midst of trying to win another championship title.

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In recent months, however, LeBron has taken a step back and kept his opinions more to himself. He sees that Tristan is in love with the bootylicious socialite but he still feels the need to make his voice heard, just so that Thompson is aware of what’s at stake if the relationship was to fizzle out.

The last thing that LeBron would want is for Tristan to be so heartbroken over the potential split that he ends up affecting the team’s chances at future basketball matches. This is said to be why James is voicing his opinion now — not because he wants to force the couple to split, but more so to warn Thompson.

“He didn’t tell Tristan that part because he didn’t want to upset his boy but he softly explained that sh** just might not workout between them because of Lamar and that he should be prepared. LeBron’s come full circle with Tristan’s relationship with Khloe.”

News of LeBron James’ worries concerning Tristan and Khloe’s romance comes just weeks after reports had claimed that Kardashian was planning to start a family with the 25-year-old, having already discussed the idea of becoming a mother in 2017 with her boyfriend.

Her family is said to be very supportive of Khloe’s plans to start a family, but when taking LeBron James’ supposed comments into consideration, one begs the question of whether the duo will even last long enough for Kardashian to find herself conceiving her first child.

What do you think? Is LeBron James in the right to warn Tristan about his girlfriend?

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