LeBron James Fuming Over Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson Romance: Fears ‘KUWTK’ Curse On Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James is not happy about Tristan Thompson’s sudden decision to date Khloe Kardashian, it has been alleged.

The famous athlete is alleged to have found out about his NBA teammate’s new romance a week ago, leaving James fearing that Tristan’s relationship with Khloe will consequently distract him from winning future championships.

LeBron is said to be basing his opinion on the fact that every basketball player that the Kardashians have dated in the past have had some kind of downfall: Kris Humphries, James Harden, and Lamar Odom are just to name a few.

Tristan is only 25-year-old, and he’s been a great help to the Cleveland Cavaliers, pushing them to win an astounding amount of games as of late, but according to Hollywood Life, LeBron supposedly fears that dating Khloe Kardashian will be the downfall of Thompson’s career.

The NBA legend doesn’t have any personal issues with Khloe, but he’s convinced that it’ll only be a matter of time before Tristan ends up on the family’s reality show, which will potentially lead to a spin-off, and before they know it, Tristan’s head is completely out of the game.

A source tells the outlet, “Whatever Tristan is doing with Khloe is not of any interest to LeBron. He is focused on repeating as champs and is confident that Tristan will be ready to play and contribute to the team in about a month when the season begins.”

After the successful run that the Cleveland Cavaliers have had in the past couple of months, LeBron James is determined to repeat their achievements once again, but with a Kardashian dating one of his teammates, the Nike-sponsored athlete has his doubts on Tristan’s dedication and devotion to work harder than ever before.

The Kardashians are known to surround themselves around drama and publicity, which are two things that Tristan doesn’t need to surround himself with — especially if the Cleveland Cavaliers want to walk away with another championship in the near future. LeBron doesn’t have any ill intentions, the source adds, he’s just looking out for his teammate and the team in general.

“LeBron is not going to take any nonsense and if Tristan starts focusing on being on TV and being a celebrity while dating Khloe, then that is where the problems will come. LeBron wants everyone to be ready to repeat as champs and bring another title to Cleveland!” the insider continued.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E Online recalls how the family joked about the men that they have dated and how their careers have slumped after being romantically involved with one of the famous siblings. Kim and Khloe were very vocal when admitting that the men they have hooked up with in the past — all that happen to be Hollywood stars — have suffered quite the downfall after ending the romance.

In the episode, Kylie Jenner joked that her older siblings are cursed and should probably consider the idea of staying away from men, alluding to the idea that they are better off staying single if they’re going to continue ruining the careers of other people.

Khloe Kardashian has not responded to the report, claiming that LeBron James is far from happy about Tristan dating the reality star over fears that she’ll tarnish their chances of winning another championship.

What do you make of Tristan Thompson’s romance with Khloe Kardashian, and do you think it’ll hurt the Cleveland Cavaliers?

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