Rihanna & Jennifer Lopez feuding over Drake

Jennifer Lopez Is Scared Drake Will Cheat On Her — Rihanna Warned Drake ‘Can Be A Real Jerk’

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly terrified that Drake will cheat on her at his party celebrating the upcoming Super Bowl.

Hollywood Life reports that Drake is throwing his own party after the Super Bowl, and there will be strippers to help Drake and his buddies celebrate.

“Jennifer Lopez, 47, is one of the most stunning women in the world, but even so, she still has moments of insecurity.”

A source told the publication, “J.Lo’s as confident as any sexy woman could be, but she’s worried like hell about Drake next weekend at his Super Bowl gig. Him, being around all those half-naked strippers. That’s just asking for trouble.”

The report notes that Lopez has recently been posting sexy snaps of herself on Instagram, perhaps to remind Drake of what he would be missing if he blew it with their relationship.

Jennifer is reportedly planning to have a “serious talk” with Drake prior to his Super Bowl party.

Jennifer will warn Drake to behave himself, according to the report.

The source reported that Lopez would prefer for Drake not to hold his party at all, but she is aware that the bash will help Drake make money, and Jennifer does not want to discourage that.

Jennifer Lopez worked her way up from humble beginnings as a dancer in the Bronx and has long been known for her business-minded, money-conscious approach.

A source said, “She’s nervous Drake’s not going to keep his hands to himself. That’s like dangling a mouse in front of a snake. [Jennifer] really doesn’t want him to go, but would never stop him from making his money. She’s going to have a serious talk with him prior to this event.”

Jennifer Lopez and Drake got together this year after weeks of speculation that they were hooking up. The two first got fans talking when they posted chummy photographs of themselves together backstage. Soon after that it was revealed that Lopez and Drake were indeed together.

Jennifer Lopez & Rihanna backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards
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Drake’s ex, Rihanna, was said to be displeased about the union. Some reports even claimed that Rihanna believed Drake was flaunting his relationship with Lopez just to hurt her.

Rihanna and Drake had a fraught and unstable relationship in which they were friends-with-benefits for long periods before trying for something more serious. The attempts to make the relationship serious always failed. Some reports claimed that this was due to Drake’s wandering eye.

Drake held a party over New Years 2017 in which he even appeared to diss Rihanna onstage.

Drake performed his hit “Work,” a collaboration with Rihanna, then told the audience that the song was “the flavor of 2016.”

Drake seemed to be implying that Rihanna is “so last year” and he is moving on.

Rihanna has warned that Drake “can be a real jerk.” The singer was reportedly aware that Drake is “a player” during her time with him.

Rihanna reportedly could not stay away from him because she was so sexually attracted to him.

Rihanna & Drake at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
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Daily Star reports that Rihanna was “infatuated” with Drake while they were together.

A source said, “Drake plays mind games and it’s sad because [Rihanna keeps] falling for his BS… She can’t help herself. She knows he’s a jerk at times and a player. She overlooks that because he’s charming, smooth and sexy.”

Rihanna was looking for a long term commitment but was aware that she would not find it with Drake.

“They’ve had wild sex in the past. No matter how much Rihanna says she’s looking for a long lasting commitment, she has needs.”

Rihanna and Drake eventually broke up in November 2016. A source told People that “their schedules got in the way.”

Should Jennifer Lopez be wary of “player” Drake? Will he cheat at his Super Bowl party?

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