Mischa Barton Looking Surprised

Mischa Barton Offers ‘Drugged’ Excuse: Some Not Buying It [Opinion]

Mischa Barton’s bizarre behavior and brief voluntary hospitalization was not her fault, claims the British actress. After a bout of extremely bizarre behavior, Mischa Barton has blamed her actions on the drug GHB, also known as to the date rape drug. She claims the drug was slipped into her drink via an unknown source while she was partying with friends for her birthday.

It is Mischa’s history that has some folks not buying what the actress is selling today. Blasting News reports that many are questioning “which came first, the drug or the alcohol?” Comments questioning Mischa’s account of the incident are plentiful, with many doubting this was due to drugs she had no idea she was ingesting.

Some are asking if it was her publicist who put this spin on the event to have Mischa come off looking like a victim. This was followed by Barton suddenly becoming an advocate for other women. She is warning others on the dangers of this drug and how keeping an eye on your drink is of the utmost importance.

Mischa’s neighbors are reportedly the ones who called the police to her home after seeing her hanging over a balcony and screaming. Police and firefighters said they were called to Barton’s West Hollywood apartment for a “possible jumper” and a “possible overdose.” This was at 7:15 a.m. Thursday morning.

Mischa was found wearing a dress shirt and a tie at the time. She was going on about things that didn’t make much sense. Neighbors witnessed Barton bellowing out to the world that her “mom was a witch,” along with screaming that the world was coming to an end.

Barton said she was celebrating her birthday with friends, which resulted in a night of drinking. She also said that she started to feel odd and she knew something was wrong. When she arrived at the hospital, she voluntarily checked herself in for a psychiatric evaluation. The tests done in the emergency room indicated she had the drug GHB in her system.

Many of the comments about Mischa’s latest incident see her as a woman who doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions. Her history has many out there finding her story a bit too hard to swallow. Some comments are likening Mischa’s incident to what was seen with Lindsay Lohan.

It looks as though her concerned neighbors called the police, but someone in the area took the opportunity to catch Mischa’s bizarre behavior on video. The video was put on YouTube and can be seen above. Was this a very neighborly thing to do, capture this famous celebrity in a very compromising position and then post it online for the world to see?

It takes a good neighbor to have good neighbors, but Mischa was known to rattle those who lived nearby with loud parties late into the night. Making this tape and posting it online is probably considered by many as not a very neighborly thing to do.

While modern technology can be wonderful, it can also be your worst enemy when used to capture a moment in time that you would just as soon forget. This tape will be online forever, showing the odd actions of Barton after her birthday celebration.

She’s no kid, she just turned 31, so it is not as if these are the antics of a teenager. The Daily Mail said Mischa described the setting as “having drinks with friends” when someone slipped the drug into her drink on Wednesday night. She was released from the hospital on Friday after being taken to the hospital on Thursday morning when the incident occurred.

The reason many people are not buying Mischa’s story of her drink being spiked is because she has a history. As the Daily Mail reports, “her glittering career came crashing down as her partying began to get out of control,” so she is no stranger to partying antics.

The British actress was hospitalized following an intervention by her parents in 2009. Mischa had threatened to kill herself and was reported to have had a nervous breakdown at that time. This incident occurred after Mischa had a tooth infection and sought out medication for this condition, reports the Daily Mail. Mischa was also charged with a DUI back in 2007.

Best known for her role on the O.C., Mischa, has been riddled with financial troubles through the years. She made the headlines for suing her mother back in 2015 after accusing her mom of stealing her money. She alleged her mother took out large loans against her house without her knowledge. She then claimed her parents kicked her out of the home.

It looks like Mischa was able to turn around the incident last week by using this as an educational piece for all the women out there to guard their drinks and be careful about where your drinks are coming from. As Blasting News cites, it is not just women who have been a victim of the date rape drug in the past, men have reported having their drinks spiked as well.

GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) is a drug that lowers inhibitions and puts the victim in a state that is conducive for a rape to occur. The drug also has psychoactive properties, which can cause the erratic behavior demonstrated by Mischa.

While Mischa’s account of this incident appears to be doubted by some, the history of Hollywood celebrities also plays into people being a bit skeptical. Any event that would put a celebrity in a bad light has a way of being downsized for the sake of reputations in Hollywood.

It could very well be that the incident happened just the way Mischa has presented it, but decades of smokescreens keeping celebrities out of the headlines has made folks skeptical. Years and years of stories spun by highly paid publicists to cover up the inappropriate behaviors of Hollywood stars has a lot to do with creating this doubt. Mischa recently took a swipe at a comeback by appearing on Dancing with the Stars, but she only lasted three weeks. A comeback in Hollywood is no easy feat, and it would get harder for any celebrity with a recent history of drugs or alcohol in tow.

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