Amy Adams 2017 Oscars nomination snub Arrival

The Most Logical Reason For Amy Adams’ 2017 Oscars Snub

Amy Adams’ recent movies have helped her to carve a niche for herself in Hollywood. In recent years, Adams has been predominantly featuring in Superman movies, playing the role of Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest, in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Amy Adams will be reprising her role of Lois Lane in Justice League, an upcoming movie in which a number of superheroes from the DC Universe will team up. The 42-year-old actress was also seen in Nocturnal Animals, a psychological thriller that was released in late 2016.

More recently, Amy Adams played the lead role in Arrival, a movie that has won appreciation from critics and fans alike. Apart from being critically acclaimed, the movie also exceeded all expectations at the box-office as it has garnered more than $95 million since its opening week.

Amy Adams plays the role of Dr. Louise Banks, a linguist who leads a team to communicate with extraterrestrials whose spacecrafts have descended on Earth. Amy Adams’ Arrival is different from other movies in a similar genre, as it depicts the extraterrestrials as friends of humanity rather than hostile creatures that plan to annihilate humans. Similarly, Arrival is also not like Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the entertaining movie that showed an alien being helped by a group of children to find its way back to its spaceship. The aliens in Arrival are depicted as friendly extraterrestrials who wish to help humanity so that human beings can help them in return after 3,000 years.

Amy Adams’ Dr. Louise Banks is assisted in her mission by an army general and a theoretical physicist, who are played by Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner respectively. The Chicago Tribune reports that the character’s job is to interpret the extraterrestrials’ mysterious and guttural sounds, rather than merely relying on science and technology to communicate with the alien visitors. The Guardian further reports that Dr. Banks’s interaction with the aliens proves to be an emotional one, because it also gives rise to the feelings of pain and despair that she has experienced when her daughter died due to cancer.

Amy Adam’s performance in Arrival was so well received that it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that the Catch Me If You Can actress would be nominated for an Academy Award for her brilliant performance in the film. The 42-year-old actress has previously been nominated five times for an Academy Award for her roles in American Hustle, The Master, The Fighter, Doubt, and Junebug. However, although she has never taken the coveted award home, Amy Adams has won other awards including Golden Globe Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, and even a National Society of Film Critics Award.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that it was initially announced that Amy Adams had been nominated for an Oscar as expected, but the announcement was little more than an error. ABC Digital published an apology in which it admitted to mistakenly announcing Amy Adams’ role in Arrival as been nominated for a Best Actress award. ABC Digital also mistakenly announced that Tom Hanks had been nominated for the Best Actor award for his role in the critically-acclaimed Sully.

But while the movie was nominated in the Best Picture category, Amy Adams failed to receive a nomination for her starring role. The BBC reported that Denis Villeneuve, the director of Arrival, admitted that it was a “strange feeling to celebrate and feel sad at the same time,” and that the lead actress’s lack of nomination was nothing short of a “big disappointment.”

“She was the soul of this movie. For me, it was a given! She had the movie on her shoulders, she’s the one who made it happen.”

Unfortunately, Amy Adams’ lack of nomination could be the result of her appearance in two Oscar-nominated films this year. The BBC explained that the actress could have “scuppered her own chances of a nomination, with Academy voters splitting their nominations between them.”

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