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Mischa Barton ‘Had Been Doing Coke And Mushrooms,’ Source Says After Actress Was Hospitalized For Psychiatric Evaluation

A source has alleged that actress Mischa Barton, who was hospitalized on Thursday for psychiatric evaluation after she was seen behaving erratically in her backyard at her West Hollywood home, had been “doing coke and mushrooms.” According to the source, Mischa’s eventual breakdown is not surprising because she has been on a downward spiral for years.

“Mischa has been on this downward spiral for years now,” the source told Radar Online. “Her attempts at getting healthy have always failed. She took on Dancing With The Stars to make some money and try to clean up her act — but that didn’t help.”

“She ended up purposely getting booted off [the show] because she couldn’t handle it,” the source continued. “She hated the show, she hated the work involved and really wanted to keep partying.”

The source claimed to have been with Mischa a few times recently and that once, during a dinner party, she was doing mushrooms. About two weeks later she was at a bar smoking pot and “doing coke.” She was “openly using her hand to snort coke,” the source said.

“One time was at a dinner party and she was doing mushrooms! [Later] she was at a bar in NYC smoking pot and doing coke “

According to the source, Mischa has been partying recklessly lately and struggling with bouts of depression. Her condition was also complicated by self-medication.

“It’s not just the partying either,” the source added. “She struggles with depression and she self medicated with the partying so when she hits bottom she hits hard.”

The Inquisitr reported that Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital on Thursday morning for a mental health evaluation after neighbors called police to her home in West Hollywood. Neighbors saw her hanging on the wall of her backyard. The O.C. star was heard rambling about something “world shattering” and about her dog Ziggy Stardust.

She also called her mother a witch.

“Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!” she reportedly cried aloud after she fell off the fence into her backyard.

Responding officers arrived at her home at about 7 a.m. They found her “fully clothed” but incoherent. The officers called the L.A. County Fire Department and she was transported voluntarily to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Mischa was first hospitalized for psychiatric issues in 2009. She was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after she reportedly threatened to commit suicide during treatment for a tooth infection. But she later explained in an interview with People magazine that her bizarre behavior at the time was a reaction to sedatives administered for a wisdom tooth removal.

She claimed that she had recovered fully and learned from the incident. She said she was stronger and ready to make a comeback. According to Mischa, she had lived a “jet-set lifestyle” that made her vulnerable to the “breakdown.” She came under enormous pressure as a result of being under public scrutiny. It made her feel that her life was spiraling out of control

According to the source that spoke with Radar Online after her latest hospitalization for mental evaluation, Mischa made several comeback attempts, but each time she was unable to follow through with her resolution to revive her acting career and start making money again. Consequently, she was broke and struggled to make ends meet.

Her tumultuous relationship with her mother also affected her.

“She has a horrible relationship with her mom… She’s broke and hasn’t been able to get it together to start making money again.”

Mischa had sued her mother in 2015 after years of financial hardship. She claimed that her mother, who had acted as her manager for years, was stealing from her. She accused her mother of being “a greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager.”

According to Micha, her mother awarded herself co-ownership of her $7 million mansion without her knowledge. She also accused her mother of taking huge loans against the house without her permission.

The case was dismissed in February last year.

But despite her current problems, Mischa’s friends are hopeful that the latest incident would help her get her act together again.

“I really hope this is the wakeup call she needs,” the source said. “Every time she attempts any sort of comeback she ends up shooting herself in the foot and not being able to follow through.”

Mischa Barton is best known as the teenage actress who played Marissa Cooper in the TV series The O.C.

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