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Florida Election Results: Mitt Romney’s Campaign Concedes To Obama

Florida Election Results: Romney Concedes To Obama

The Florida election results are in the books.

At least, that’s what Mitt Romney’s campaign is saying. As the official recount of the Florida election results continues, the GOP campaign has conceded that Barack Obama will carry the Sunshine State, The Huffington Post reported.

In a statement to the Miami Herald, Romney adviser Brett Doster said that the chances Romney could win in Florida grew increasingly slim.

“The numbers in Florida show this was winnable,” he said. “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win. Obviously, we didn’t, and for that I and every other operative in Florida has a sick feeling that we left something on the table. I can assure you this won’t happen again.”

Florida is the last swing state remaining to be counted in the 2012 election. Barack Obama performed well in nearly all the other states considered battlegrounds, losing only in North Carolina, where he was viewed as a longshot.

With the 28 electoral votes from Florida, Obama finishes with 332 to Mitt Romney’s 206. Obama also won Florida in 2008, but trailed Romney for most of the campaign in 2012, only pulling ahead in projections within the final few days.

With Obama already receiving enough electoral votes to win the election, Romney conceded even before the Florida ballots had been fully counted.

“I ran for office because I’m concerned for America,” Romney said. “Like so many of you, Paul and I have left everything on the field. We have given our all to this campaign.”

It was not clear when Florida election results would be finalized.

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4 Responses to “Florida Election Results: Mitt Romney’s Campaign Concedes To Obama”

  1. June Toney

    I'm so glad this election will not be decided by Florida. We don't need another president chosen by the Supreme Court.

    We have enough problems working together with this divided nation. Many of us Independents have said never again. Looks as if the nation spoke as a whole too. Some states have decided where they stand. Many more individuals feel very strongly even in these states in which we had no say by majority. We accept the right to vote.

    Many of us suffered through eight years of increasing deficits and debt because of tax cuts that plunged us further into problems under George W. Bush, a good man, but with disastrous financial sense. Two wars never paid for monetarily that cost many lives and suffering in military families, and a medicare prescription plan not only not paid for but more debt that resulted in higher costs for many of us seniors for our drugs. The profit goes to drug companies, not the people. I have not even mentioned the financial meltdown in 2008 which is blamed on Obama who took office in 2009. Eight years of fiscal irresponsiblity led to this. Probably twelve if you include some Clinton policies allowing banks to bundle loans and selling them to others instead of keeping them. Allowing banks to make policies based on profit for a few has caused a great shift of money power for our country and the world.

    Individuals and countries who joined in this spending spree are hurt, but many who lost their jobs, their homes, their pensions were not the guilty, just victims of circumstances. The ones who gained are still on top. If a law is unjust, it is still the law of the land and legal. Legal does not make right.

    The Romney policies that were touted to fix this is like saying the hair of the dog is the best treatment for a hangover. And the compaign run that Obama did not fix that mess quickly enough…with talk that his birth certificate is not good enough either, turned many of us fair minded off. Too bad Romney, a moderate , could not even say what he might do if elected. We Independents could not trust him to stand against the radical people in his own we voted for Obama in hopes he would stand for all the people, not just 50% of the people.

    My complaint: Obama was too weak to stand against the tyrants on both sides of the aisle. Will he do it this time?

    But to put the tyrants of one party in charge was not the answer either. Would you like it if the true liberals came into power and taxed you up to 90% (again) of your income? Nobody is proposing that.

    Is there never enough suffering for you to say "I understand even if my family is not affected by losing our home, by our children not being able to go to college, by being out of work for four years because we did not choose the right job. Our auto workers would be in the unemployment line right now if not for Obama's policies. These people are Americans just like the college educated and better off in our country.

    It is time to end some of the ridiculous tax cuts or even all of them and pay our bills…None paid since Bill Clinton left office. Not one balanced budget in 12 years. And because of this , we will also have to cut spending to the most vulnerable in our nation. Old people in nursing homes, children, education, and possibly even our military if we don't start to work together and soon.

    It will not be the end if we start to pay our bills and get out of debt. The middle class…those making less than $100,000 a year have paid enough…let the rest start to pay. It won't kill you to pony up your fair share. You have gained greatly by these tax cuts. Time to pay back. Losing an extra vacation is not the same as losing a home, a life because of no health insurance, or an elderly with dementia getting lost and freezing to death because there is no money left for nursing homes after cutting medicaid.

    This fight is not about money. It is about power and who lives and who dies. Calling it socialism includes even the cost of feeding and caring for our children. Increase my taxes. I have lived responsibly and want the younger to have the same opportunities I had. That my children had. They are just as important as us seniors living on a fixed but livable income. More important than the wealthy who are only paying 15% tax rates while sending our jobs out and then blaming the people because they have no jobs.

    I feel I am part of the minority, but I think just as strongly about my opinion as others and want my viewpoint heard. Like Obama, we have been told our opinions are irevelant. They are not. Not yet. And I still vote my opinion as this is my right too. My God believes in love for all the people, hope for all the people, even our poor and poorly educated as we compete in this global economy that is not going away. This is the great United States of America, not a third world country. We will compete. We will win. But only if we work together and use our brains, not our emotions.

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