Jax Taylor On Scheana Shay’s Divorce

Jax Taylor On Scheana Shay’s Divorce: What He Knew About The Private Split

Jax Taylor may be the king of spreading rumors about his Vanderpump Rules co-stars, and this season of the show, he proved that he had no limits. While Jax has no problem sharing cheating stories about Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, he didn’t hold back when it came to his own girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, either. When the season started, Taylor revealed that he had walked in on Kristen Doute going down on Brittany and even though both girls denied it happening, Taylor kept pushing the issue. He didn’t care that he was hurting people’s feelings. So since Taylor is known for causing trouble and spreading rumors, one has to wonder if he can be believed when he’s talking about Scheana Shay’s divorce.

According to a new Bravo report, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he may have an idea as to what went wrong in Scheana’s marriage to Mike Shay. And it sounds like Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney could be on the same path, even though they have been happily married for five months already. As it turns out, Taylor believes that Shay’s marriage fell apart because she loved the idea of marriage even though she wasn’t ready for what it would bring.

“I thought it would happen sooner. I kind of knew that Scheana and Shay was gonna end. I hate to say that because I love Scheana very much, and I do, I love Shay, I think he’s a great guy, but [they were] just polar opposite,” Jax Taylor explained in an interview with The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, adding, “I feel like Scheana’s in a lot better place now.”

When Scheana was planning her wedding, she wanted all of the details to be just perfect. And Mike was a bit absent during the planning process. After they got married, Shay was even more absent and she later learned that he had relapsed in regards to his pill use. And Jax Taylor is convinced that they may have worked things out if they weren’t married.

“I think she just loved the idea of marriage so much that she just wanted to get married when there were so many red flags,” Jax continues in his interview with Bravo, adding, “She was in love, she wanted to get married, she thought [marrying] her high school sweetheart would be the thing to do, and it wasn’t.”

“I hate talking about it. It makes me feel bad, and I’m not even getting divorced,” Jax reveals, sharing that he doesn’t like talking about Scheana’s private problems, including her divorce, but he does give her props in how she’s handling it, adding, “She’s handling it really well though. She’s got some good support. It just sucks. It really does. And I feel bad for her. It makes me sad.”

Mike isn’t an official cast member, so he hasn’t been sharing his side of the story. But Shay has hinted that he has been very focused on the music and put his career way before his marriage. As she revealed on Vanderpump Rules, he wouldn’t answer the phone while in the studio, which was heartbreaking for her. But Jax doesn’t know what is going on with Mike, as he hasn’t been dishing his feelings and thoughts about the divorce to anyone.

“I honestly haven’t talked to Shay since everything has gone down,” Jax Taylor reveals, sharing that Mike Shay has kept his distance from the group, according to Bravo adding, “He’s kind of eliminated himself from the group.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s inside info about Scheana Shay’s divorce? Do you think Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney could be going down the same path?

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