Salatiel Marcos Ortiz: Pittsburgh Man's Ear Bitten Off After Argument With 'Known Actor' Over Trump Immigration Policies

Salatiel Marcos Ortiz: Pittsburgh Man’s Ear Bitten Off After Argument With ‘Known Actor’ Over Trump Immigration Policies

Donald Trump’s immigration policies have polarized many individuals, especially since his controversial “build a wall” speech from last year. Now, it would appear that the President’s policies on immigration, and two roommates arguing about them, have led to a Pittsburgh man named Salatiel Marcos Ortiz losing part of his right ear. And, if Ortiz’s words are to be believed, the man he was arguing with was a “known actor” afraid of being deported.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the incident took place early Monday morning, when the 30-year-old Ortiz returned to his apartment at Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood at around 2:30 a.m. The roommate, who has yet to be named in reports, was drinking beer and watching television, and “immediately became confrontational” as he expressed his fears that Donald Trump’s immigration policies would lead to his deportation.

The Post-Gazette quoted Salatiel Marcos Ortiz as saying that he and his roommate are originally from Mexico, and that the roommate had legally entered the U.S.

As the argument escalated, the roommate allegedly got violent, breaking Ortiz’s finger and biting off part of his right ear. Ortiz added that his roommate tried to grab a knife and kill him before he left the apartment and asked for help from a nearby Shell gas station.

“He take my ear and he bite it,” related Ortiz, speaking to Pittsburgh news station WTAE. “He tell me, ‘Don’t move, because I gonna kill you. When he goes, like, (to) take (the) knife is when I knew the chance and run away.”

Although police officers had arrived at the Baum Boulevard gas station at about 6:45 a.m. on Monday, with Ortiz being taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian hospital, the roommate had reportedly fled by the time authorities reached the apartment.

Ortiz was also quoted by Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA as saying that the unidentified roommate has a history of acting irrationally when drunk.

“Anytime he is drinking beer, he is going crazy. All he would say is ‘if Donald Trump gonna take me out I gotta kill so many people, then somebody kill me and I am happy.'”

What may be more interesting, though, is the allegation that Salatiel Marcos Ortiz’s attacker may be a familiar name from the entertainment industry. According to a Daily Mail report, the police report said that the suspect was a “known male actor,” though authorities, once again, did not identify him by name.

“Officers located a 30-year-old male victim who had been assaulted at his apartment in the 300 block of Amber Street by a known male actor. According to the investigation, the victim and actor were arguing about President Donald Trump. The argument turned physical and the actor bit the victim’s right ear off. The victim ran to a nearby gas station to seek help.”

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer told the Daily Mail that authorities cannot release the suspect’s name until they issue a warrant for his arrest. She added that there is no specific timeline for the release of a warrant, as police continue investigating the case.

The incident involving Salatiel Marcos Ortiz came just a few days before Trump’s immigration policies again took center stage as he now officially fulfills his role as President of the United States. TIME wrote Tuesday night that the President will be doubling down on border security measures, which may include the first steps of “building the wall” that he had planned to set up along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump had also taken to Twitter to make his intent clear, tweeting Tuesday night on his personal account that “among many other things, we will build the wall.”

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