Samsungs Galaxy S8 Is Set To Come With A Number Of Exciting Features And Be Release This Spring

Samsung Galaxy S8: New Details About Upcoming Smartphone Revealed, Release Due April 21?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has been rumored to be making its debut sometime this spring. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the latest from what many have described as the company’s flagship series of phones, and many are eager to see what it will look like.

Samsung has been through a bit of trouble as of late, with their Galaxy Note 7 suffering two separate recalls last year due to reports that some of the smartphones were overheating and catching fire. In a news conference, Samsung recently revealed that “irregularly sized batteries” were the reason why some of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire.

The widely-publicized incident has been harmful to the Samsung name, and it is said to have cost the company billions, according to The New York Times. If the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a success, it could serve as a bit of a rebound for Samsung and give the company a much-needed victory. It could also go a long way in restoring the trust of customers.

The Guardian has now learned several new details about the upcoming smartphone through “several well placed sources.” For starters, The Guardian has revealed that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in two different sizes. Both versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come equipped with “an almost bevel-less, edge-to-edge infinity display,” and the “fingerprint scanner” will now be located on the back of the smartphone, per the Guardian.

According to The Guardian, the two new Galaxy S8 models will have screens between five and six inches. Per The Guardian, the two new devices have been given the codenames Dream, the larger Galaxy S8, and Dream 2, the smaller Galaxy S8.

The Guardian also reports that the Dream and Dream 2 will feature screens that are curved on both sides. The Galaxy S8 will also come with 64GB of built-in storage, which can be stretched out and supported up to 256GB through microSD card.

The Guardian notes that the Galaxy S8 will have a camera that is much akin to that of the Galaxy S7, but it will reportedly feature notable improvements in “image quality, low-light performance and speed.” The Guardian explains that “several sources” have established that “iris scanning biometric technology” will be featured in the Galaxy S8 as well. According to The Guardian, the iris scanning technology, which made its debut in the Galaxy Note 7, will allow a user to access their Galaxy S8 by using only their eyes.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also have a built-in “artificial intelligence system,” per The Guardian. The Galaxy S8’s AI system will give the device the ability to achieve functions like “object recognition.” Other details regarding the Galaxy S8’s AI system, including the partners Samsung may be working with and whether or not “Google’s Assistant” might also be incorporated into the device, remain up in the air.

“Two sources also said that Samsung was partnering with others to include data sources for the AI assistant. Other information leaks have suggested that it could be called Bixby, based on the technology gained by the South Korean company in its acquisition of startup Viv Labs in October, but none of the sources talking to the Guardian could confirm the name. Whether the Galaxy S8 will also come with Google’s Assistant as well or instead in some markets was unclear.”

According to Business Insider, it was recently revealed that the launch of the Galaxy S8 would be delayed. Per Business Insider, Samsung has historically made announcements regarding the Galaxy S series before the Mobile World Congress (MWC). This year, the MWC runs from February 27 through March 2.

Per Business Insider, with the recent troubles of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has said that it is delaying the announcement of the Galaxy S8 to take additional precautions and prevent similar incidents from unfolding.

However, The Guardian is now claiming that the official announcement of the Galaxy S8 will be taking place “in late March,” with the smartphone scheduled “to go on sale on or around” April 21.

In addition to the Galaxy S8, Samsung has also confirmed its plans to continue marching forward with the Galaxy Note 8, despite the high-profile issues of its predecessor. According to BGR, Samsung said during its recent news conference that the upcoming Note 8 will be “better, safer and very innovative.”

While the Galaxy S8 may be making its debut this spring, the Galaxy Note 8 may not be making its appearance until the fall, per BGR.

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