Kelsey Rogers from TLC's new series Tattoo Girls

New Series ‘Tattoo Girls’ Debuts On TLC

The Futon Critic shared that Tattoo Girls is a six-episode, unscripted series that follows entrepreneur Kelsey Rogers and her 10 all-female tattoo artists, piercing specialists, and other staff members. Her unique tattoo studio, Ink Ink, has been in operation for four years and is located on Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri, which also happens to be Brad Pitt’s hometown. Filmed during 12-hour days over the course of the past year, Tattoo Girls focuses on the women’s friendships, their working relationships, and their every day lives.

“Ink Ink is the only all-female tattoo shop in the Midwest,” Rogers told US Weekly magazine recently. “People travel from everywhere to get tattooed by us.… We get clients of all kinds. We get mothers and daughters, country boys, grandmas, farmers, punks, even the mayor. And maybe someday, Brad Pitt!”

Broadway World noted that Kelsey is not only the owner but an accomplished artist as well. Previously, every artist that she employed at the tattoo shop begins as an apprentice, and is promoted through the teachings of the women at Ink Ink. When she breaks tradition after hiring Liz, who doesn’t play by the rules, drama and turmoil erupt among the women on this season of Tattoo Girls.

The Springfield News Leader shared that Kelsey originally learned the tattoo business as a way to pay for her classes as a Missouri State University pre-med student. She believes Tattoo Girls will help to shed more light on the experiences of working women, while at the same time celebrating women who choose to become entrepreneurs.

“I am super-proud women can be business owners, can support their families,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a man.”

The cast of Tattoo Girls includes Nikki, who happens to be a long-time friend of Kelsey’s. She struggles to find balance between her responsibilities as a single mother, finding time to date, and being the kind of tattoo artist needed at Ink Ink. When newcomer Liz arrives, she becomes frustrated on Tattoo Girls and begins to act out in protest.

Although Meagan, who is also one of Kelsey’s close friends, may be the youngest on the team, she worked hard to earn the coveted position as the lead artist. She begins to realize on this season of Tattoo Girls that perhaps the title doesn’t mean as much as she previously thought; and after Liz’s arrival begins to seriously consider offers from other larger and more prominent tattoo studios.

“The girls and I have known each other since we were teenagers,” Kelsey said regarding her relationship with them. “We do everything together. I’ve had customers tell us that 90 percent of coming to Ink Ink is watching us have fun with each other.”

Hopefully, their relationship can withstand the changes that are occurring at Ink Ink on this season of Tattoo Girls. To restore harmony, they need to put a stop to all the drama and start working together again as a team.

On Tattoo Girls, Brittany is the shop manager, and she handles all customer piercings as well. When drama between the other women erupts, she sometimes finds it nearly impossible to do her job.

Kelsey hired Liz to lighten the workload at Ink Ink, but it doesn’t sit well with the other women of Tattoo Girls. With her strong personality and impressive artistic skills, it isn’t long before the new tattoo artist from Dallas butts heads with many of her co-workers.

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