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Watch Again: ‘SNL’ Full Episode On Demand With Vladimir Putin, Aziz Ansari And Kate McKinnon [Video]

On Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, Saturday Night Live (SNL) returned with Season 42, Episode 12. Beck Bennett returned in character as Vladimir Putin and opened the show. The guest host was Aziz Ansari who delivered a powerful monologue that many have responded to favorably. This marks the first time the show aired with President Trump in office. As people felt Ansari’s monologue was extremely powerful and will possibly help racial divides in the country, the New York Times transcribed it. Social media users have shared the SNL transcription on sites like Twitter and Facebook Sunday, causing it to go viral. Ansari spoke about white supremacy and referred to a new breed of people as lowercase-kkk. He urged President Trump to speak about the racial divisions that are plaguing the nation and offered comfort to those who are fearful of the years ahead under Trump that change will come, because change always comes when people demand it. You may see Ansari’s full monologue in the video below and the transcript at the NY Times.

You may watch Aziz Ansari’s full SNL opening monologue in the video player below. While many were touched by it, some say it has sparked controversy and was inappropriate. What do you think?

Many thought Alec Baldwin would return to revive his Trump impressions, but he was a no-show. In Beck Bennett’s Putin skit, he referred to the allegations that Putin bought and handed the presidency to Donald Trump, and offered assurance that President Trump is not the one in control of the United States. The skit drew plenty of laughter and applause and you can watch it in the video player above. Kate McKinnon accompanied Bennett as she played Olya Povlatsky, a Ukranian woman who has her own thoughts about life, Russia and Putin. Many viewers have remarked that Olya Povlatsky is one of McKinnon’s best characters. You may see a video playlist where McKinnon portrays the woman below.

You may watch the full episode of SNL, Season 42, Episode 12, online through Yahoo View in the link below. The video is free and you won’t need a sign in or log in to watch.

Many Saturday Night Live fans shared their opinions and reviews regarding Saturday’s episode on social media networks. While a negative comment regarding President Trump’s son Barron resulted in great controversy and possibly attributed to Baldwin’s absence this weekend, many people found the episode timely, relevant and on point. Still, not everyone was thrilled.

There’s no question that those who support President Trump have been dismayed and at times disgusted by SNL’s blatant sketches that attack the president, Kellyanne Conway and his supporters. Saturday night’s episode did draw ire from those who felt the sketches not only attacked President Trump but white citizens as well.

If you missed Saturday’s episode, there are several ways to watch the show online, on demand and through apps. You can also watch SNL streaming live online when away from a television set. NBC has SNL episodes available online for free and those who live in select areas can watch SNL live streaming online from the official NBC site as well as through the NBC apps. Saturday Night Live also has its own app, which is a good choice for fans who want exclusive access to SNL content, videos, photos and latest news updates.

What do you think of SNL and their focus on political content? Do you think the skits and monologues are appropriate while being funny and entertaining? Do you share the same opinion as those who’ve commented on the official SNL Facebook group that there is too much emphasis on politics and that the show has a liberal agenda? Feel free to share your comments below.

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