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Scarlett Johansson Flashes New Ribcage Tattoo [Photo]

Scarlett Johansson gets a new tattoo on her ribcage

Newly single (or is she?) Scarlett Johansson recently got a new ribcage tattoo reading “Lucky You.”

The actress, who split with boyfriend Nate Naylor in October, has been seen canoodling with Domingo Zapata, ex Jared Leto, and a handful of others in recent months. Regardless of the phalanx of rumors surrounding her, Johansson is for all intents and purposes a single gal, and single gals shake things up when they’re back on the market.

Some get a new haircut, others a new outfit, but Johansson decided to get a new tattoo.

Her right-side ribcage now sports a horseshoe tattoo with the teasing words “Lucky You.”

The tattoo was scribbled onto Johansson’s side by French graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk in Paris, after meeting her last week when she stopped by his artist-in-residence session at Le Salon, reports MSN.

The actress proudly lifted her shirt for a photographer, who snapped a pic of her new ink (below).

Fuzi’s work is known for its cartoony-style and broad range of surreal subjects. Johansson’s horseshoe tat is a pretty mild departure from the artist’s broadly risqué portfolio.

Johansson’s “Lucky You” horseshoe tattoo is her newest tattoo, not her first. The actress boasts a sunrise on her left inner-forearm, a bracelet on her right wrist, and an infinity-style tattoo on her right inner-ankle.

Are you a fan of Scarlett Johansson? What do you think of her new tattoo? Picture is below, knock yourself out and sound off in the comments!

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43 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson Flashes New Ribcage Tattoo [Photo]”

  1. Anthony Flecha

    I personally think its sexy on her. Not on everyone. Not usually a fan of tattoos, but if someone is seeing that tattoo on her, well then, they ARE "lucky" for sure!

  2. Jenna Roberts

    No kidding! My husband could have done a better job than that and he would have paid her to do it!

  3. Brendan Lee

    My little Chewy (see pic) can draw and tattoo better than that. But it does fit her dating habits. Quickly done, Lmao… Sorry couldn't help that.

  4. Oscar Diaz

    omg people leave he a lone she wanted it n got it boom that's it she probably went all the way there so trash talking american people don't get all up on her bizness she looks hapy with it cuz she wanted it by the artist she liked not the trendy ones in hollywood just to show off to the world n pay some outrageous amount just cuz shes rich.

  5. Anonymous

    Its not real…Look at the pink back ground–probably a stick on.. If the shirt was a little higher I wouldn't even notice.

  6. Anonymous

    Why oh WHY must hot chicks get stupid tattoos?
    It makes me so sad…

  7. Jeff Zakany

    I guess I am a freak because I don't like tattoos on women. Even the pretty, flowery ones on the shoulder or the top of the foot. This one is exceptionally horrid. It looks like the tattoo artist was drunk when he did it.

  8. Christine Russell

    @strawstock2–that's what brand new tattoos look like…they're pink because the skin has just had the s#$% irritated out of it!

  9. John Dwight Powell

    BADLY needs some touching up and some color, but I have to agree with the message. If you're in a position to read that, then what it says is definitely true. How about "Lucky Me", Scarlett? 😉

  10. Michael Gonzales

    It's what she wanted and where she wanted it. She's one of the most beautiful people in the world and a tattoo changes nothing about that, other than a personal print on a beautiful person.

  11. Stephanie Rudd

    Leave the woman alone! It's cute…although I agree not the most artist work I've seen. However, maybe she wanted it to be simple not flamboyant. She's gorgeous no matter what!

  12. Anonymous

    Attention…..I need more attention! She has really gone off the deep end! Good Move Ryan!

  13. Michael Yacobozzi

    I looked at this guy Fuzi Uvtpk's tattoo gallery, most 12 year olds can do better…I'd never let this guy put ink on me.

  14. Helen Loewen

    @strawstock2 – I have multiple tattoos and they get that pinkish color because its so new and still a little raw and sore

  15. Anonymous

    She's a high paid floozy who''d let anybody see that tatoo for a potential big shot movie part or a photo op. Bottom line, all Hollywood actors are attention driven due to there extremely large egos, material driven values, and their being the recipients of the hugs that they never got from mommy and daddy when they were a kid.

  16. Matt Holland

    She unwittingly just became a fan of Andrew Luck and the Colts, lol…looks like a prison tat! Come on Scarlett, you have the money to get a better artist…cue the laser tat removal in 5, 4, 3….

  17. Kevin Gleed

    That looks like it was done by a first timer or 12 year old. I guess it's suppose to look crummy. That the new trendy thing. But in a few years when nobody knows who that guy is and ugly tats are not trendy. She'll be stuck with a very bad tat.

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