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Principal Found Guilty After Failing To Report Abuse

Principal Child Abuse

San Jose, CA – A California principal was found guilty after a jury decided she was negligent in reporting a case of child abuse, according to FOX News.

Lyn Vijayendran will now face two years of probation, $602 in fines, and 100 hours of community service for failing to address an incident involving a teacher and a student. The 36-year-old former principal of O.B. Whaley Elementary has since been reassigned as a coordinator of teacher support programs.

Santa Clara County Judge Deborah Ryan stated that she agreed with the jury’s verdict.

“You did what you thought was right, but I don’t think it was objectively reasonable at the time,” the judge explained. “I know it will have far-reaching consequences for your career. I do think you made a very bad judgment that day.”

According to the Mercury News, the incident took place in October of 2011. The victim’s mother was made aware of the abuse when she discovered an unsual white stain on her daughter’s jacket.

The girl explained that her teacher summoned her to the classroom when no one was around and made her lie down on the ground. After touching the student on her bare feet, the teacher then inserted something into her mouth. The girl was reportedly blind-folded the entire time.

Instead of reporting the incident to authorities, Vijayendran decided to interview the teacher. The educator claimed the alleged abuse was nothing more than a lesson about Helen Keller. Satisfied with the excuse, the principal did not move forward with the investigation or alert police. The teacher was later charged with performing sex acts on at least five children.

“She stuck her head in the sand rather than pull the alarm,” one juror said. “I think she didn’t want this ugly thing to be true.”

Do you think the principal who was found guilty of failing to report child abuse should be allowed to work in the school system?

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18 Responses to “Principal Found Guilty After Failing To Report Abuse”

  1. Anonymous

    No, I don't think she should be involved with any school related job.

  2. Glennice Fryson

    Absolutely not. Her decision making, judgement, objectivity; all the skills needed, required and necessary to work with children are definitely flawed.

  3. Victoria Joy

    No she has no business in a career that is suppose to protect and teach our children. She has already failed the test and children were hurt as a result.

  4. Robin K Hogen-Esch

    I think the fines should be much stiffer as well as her sentence. 100 hours of community service for the lifetime of trauma those 5 children will have to endure seem like a walk in the park. Never allow her to teach ANYTHING again!

  5. Jeff Martin

    Why didn't the parent go to Police? The child described the incident to the Principal with the parent present. If I was the parent I would have alerted the Police immediately.

  6. John Perkins

    Should be fired on the spot. What is wrong with people today? Just slap them on the hand and say better luck next time if you get caught ? Crazy, crazy world.

  7. Sherri White

    If brains were dynamite, she doesn't have enough to blow her nose. Helen Keller experiment my @@@! Principals are to have common sense as well as a book filled education.

  8. Hanna Park

    That is the most disgusting thing the male teacher did. Yuckkkkkk! The principal tried to avoid her responsibility to silence the possible mess. Obviously, her best interest is not students, but her own convenience.

  9. Anonymous

    FIRE HER! she is part of the problem with all of these teachers getting away with touching students inappropriately. On another note: Teachers, STOP STOP STOP TOUCHING THE STUDENTS!

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