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Amber Portwood On Backlash Of Her Store: ‘I Need People To Understand This Is A Boutique’

Amber Portwood launched her online boutique, Forever Haute, a few weeks ago, and fans of the Teen Mom OG star have been praising her for her hard work with the store. Amber has handpicked some clothing items for her store that she herself would wear, and Portwood has received much support from viewers because she also carries plus-size items. And while Amber was riding a success wave last week as the store launched with massive traffic numbers and shoppers, she was caught explaining herself over the weekend in a series of now-deleted tweets. So, what went wrong?

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood decided to explain why her store doesn’t carry exclusive items. Apparently, Portwood’s store isn’t exactly original in that this is the only place where people can get the dresses she sells. Over the weekend, Portwood’s clothing items started appearing in other online stores, and people were confused about what happened. Was someone ripping off Amber’s clothing, or was she ripping off her customers?

Amber Portwood On Backlash Of Her Store: 'I Need People To Understand This Is A Boutique'
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“You’ve made #ForeverHaute a great success & we’re so pleased to have fans like you!! Go to & send us your pics!!” Amber Portwood tweeted over the weekend, along with an explanation as to why her clothing was appearing on other sites.

However, she chose to delete the other tweets.

As it turns out, Portwood is selling clothes that aren’t hers as such. She didn’t design them and doesn’t own them. Portwood has essentially hand-picked items that she wants to sell because they are a reflection of her brand and her look. One can imagine she gets a sales price and then adds her own profit margin, which could be why people are seeing higher and lower prices on the same dresses.

“Hi loves! So I’m getting a lot of questions about my clothes. I need people to understand that this is a boutique and I have all rights to the models I use because I go [straight] to the brand. People will take these pics illegally and send you a completely different product, which has happened to me many times. Lol so understand these are 4-5 star clothes straight from the retailer. You have to have a business license, IRS Id among other things. So please don’t buy something for cheaper and get something completely different. Sending love everyone,” Amber Portwood explained in the now-deleted tweets over the weekend.

On Twitter, Amber Portwood has asked her fans to please send her pictures of the clothing when they receive it. Maybe Portwood wants to make sure that her Teen Mom OG fans are actually receiving the clothing they are ordering from her and wants to make sure that the quality is good and acceptable.

Amber didn’t clarify her business structure, but it sounds like she may be reselling clothes for larger brands and is only selling the items she herself would wear. That’s part of building her brand. As she outlined in her tweets, she needs a business license and an IRS ID to sell the products to her Teen Mom OG fans, so it is a legitimate business. So, how does she make money? One can imagine she gets to set a profit margin on each item, which means she does make a profit on each item sold. But she may not make as much as the manufacturer.

What do you think of Amber Portwood’s explanation of her store, sharing that she’s running a boutique where she’s selling other people’s clothing and not her own? Do you think she should have left her explanation be on Twitter so people understand what they are buying?

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