Jameer Nelson will be traded to the Cavaliers

NBA Trade Rumors: Jameer Nelson Going To The Cleveland Cavaliers With Deron Williams As Another Option

It is no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers are in need of a backup point guard. Kyrie Irving may be one of the best point guards in the NBA right now, but he still needs someone to relieve him of the ball handling duties when he takes a breather. Right now, LeBron James is their second ball handler and the Cavs would prefer their number one guy not doing any heavy lifting throughout the regular season.

Cleveland Cavaliers have already acquired sharpshooter Kyle Korver from the Atlanta Hawks. Per ESPN, the Cavaliers needed to unload Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams to get Korver. While the addition of Korver may be a great addition to Cleveland especially now that JR Smith will be out for a while, this still does not the solve the Cavaliers’ point guard woes.

According to Fox Sports, Jameer Nelson is on Cleveland’s radar for a quality backup point guard. Luckily for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jameer Nelson is currently being shipped around by his current team, the Denver Nuggets. According to the same source, the Nuggets don’t have much use for the point guard and are looking for teams to trade him with.

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This presents the Cleveland Cavaliers with an interesting opportunity. Jameer Nelson is a pretty good point guard who could start for struggling NBA teams. Having him distributing the ball for Cleveland’s second unit will give the Cavalier bench a much needed scoring punch. Nelson can shoot from deep and has a great ability when executing pick and rolls which will make him battle ready for the strengths of Cleveland.

More importantly, he will give the Cavaliers some quality minutes as Kyrie Irving needs a breather. The Cavs really need to rest some of their starters so they can be fresh from the playoffs. Cleveland cannot afford to sustain any injuries to its main three stars with a hungry and revenge-minded Golden State Warriors looming in the finals.

Jameer Nelson is also the point guard that makes sense for Cleveland. The Cavaliers are already strapped for cash and Jameer Nelson is the cheapest out of the rumored pile. The Denver Nuggets would probably take some second round picks and some cash for Jameer Nelson.

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If the trade with Jameer does not pan out. The Cleveland Cavaliers could look for another option (albeit a much costlier one) in Deron Williams. Williams was thought to be the savior of a Mavs team that has Harrison Barnes. But that has not been the case and the Mavs have fallen to the bottom of the West this season. With the Mavs going in an inevitable rebuild mode with the impending departure of Dirk Nowitzki. Trading for Williams this early is definitely one of the smartest moves that they can make.

This is where the Cleveland Cavaliers can benefit. The Cavs bench will get a massive scoring upgrade with Deron Williams at the helm. He is a capable distributor but it is in the offensive side where he truly shines. Deron Williams could be the spark for the Cavaliers’ bench and could be their best weapon against a thin Warriors bench.

However, Cleveland will have to give up the future in order to secure a backup point guard. The Cavaliers might need to give up a first round pick in next year’s draft and Jordan McRae for D-Will. Interestingly, it could be a deal that could also land the Cavs Andrew Bogut. This is a win-win situation for both teams and could be the deal that gets the Cleveland Cavaliers their back to back championships.

The trade deadline is fast approaching and fans should await what the next move for Cleveland is.

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