Judge Jeanine Pirro rejects Rosie O'Donnell's call for martial law

Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls Out ‘Communist’ Rosie O’Donnell For Urging Martial Law To Stop Trump [Video]

Judge Jeanine Pirro is taking a dim view of Rosie O’Donnell’s support for declaring martial law as a way to delay the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. President on January 20.

An outspoken Trump loyalist, Judge Jeanine is known for delivering a fiery “opening statement” on Justice with Judge Jeanine, which airs each Saturday at 9 p.m. Eastern on the Fox News Channel.

Last night, as archived by Gateway Pundit and other news outlets, Pirro, a former New York district attorney, Republican attorney general candidate, as well as a judge, made her feelings quite clear about O’Donnell and other “communist” and possibly crazy, as she contends, anti-Trump celebrities who have publicly bashed the president-elect since November 8, thereby trying to undermine the traditional peaceful transfer of power under the U.S. Constitution as she sees it.

Pirro’s seven-minute oration (see clip embedded below) included the following remarks directed at ex-View host Rosie O’Donnell and others in the entertainment industry.

“And as for those Hollywood leftists in need of a lobotomy, like Rosie O’Donnell, they are straight-up Communists. Rosie supports imposing martial law, delaying the Inauguration until Trump is ‘cleared of all charges.’ Rosie, I know you. I don’t have a problem with you. But, martial law? Are you nuts? Do you even know what martial law is? It’s when the military takes over when we are invaded and are at war. And by the way, Trump isn’t charged with anything…on a personal level Rosie, you would hate it. There would be curfews and checkpoints; there’d be tanks in the streets. And now, you couldn’t call an Uber tank for a quick latte at our local Starbucks…since when does the left want the military to take over?…”

Judge Jeanine Pirro brands anti-Trump celebs as commies
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Judge Jeanine, who called for Obama’s impeachment in 2014 in connection with both the Bowe Bergdahl Taliban prisoner swap and the Benghazi coverup, concluded with some advice for Rosie O’Donnell and others in her circle.

“Why don’t you put on your big girl pants and come to grips with the fact that Donald Trump is your next president and you are either with him or against America. If you don’t like him, campaign harder next time. And let this be a wake-up call to you and your Hollywood friends that you don’t speak for America. By the way, isn’t Hollywood supposed to be inclusive and accepting of the views of people who don’t look or talk or act like them?”

Pirro also expressed strong disagreement with Congressman John Lewis for his well-publicized rebuke of Trump and also scolded Rosie for questioning whether Barron Trump is autistic, for which the comedian subsequently apologized.

Rosie also tweeted that Trump’s swearing-in should be delayed until “all charges” are investigated.

While Trump — a former Democrat and independent who ran for president as a Republican — regularly mixed with celebrities, and they with him, during his high-visibility career in and out of show business, that was then, and this is now, and many in the stage and screen industry apparently are still having trouble coming to grips with the final results of election 2016, perhaps because of the mainstream news media’s reliance on polling data that turned out to be off the mark rather than reporting about facts on the ground.

Unlike other Hillary Clinton-supporting celebs and various movers and shakers in and out of politics on both sides of the ideological aisle, Breitbart News suggests that Rosie O’Donnell is unlikely to show up at Trump Tower anytime soon for a friendly and/or fence-mending sitdown.

“O’Donnell — who has feuded publicly with Trump for nearly the last decade — was one of the Republican billionaire’s most vocal celebrity antagonists during the presidential campaign.”

Parenthetically, when former FNC anchor Megyn Kelly famously challenged Donald Trump during the nationally televised August 2015 GOP presidential debate about his past disparaging comments about women (“only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump famously quipped), some Kelly critics insisted that the line of inquiry was more about careerism and auditioning for another network — which turned out to be NBC — than a legitimate journalistic inquiry.

According to the LifeZette website, talk of martial law, or disrupting an inauguration, or throwing around the “i” word (impeachment) is unprecedented.

“O’Donnell joins a handful of other celebrities who are doing their level best to suggest fantasy worlds in which Donald Trump does not reach the White House….O’Donnell’s suggestion of martial law, however, is the most extreme suggestion yet from any anti-Trump public figure. People across the country, no matter their political persuasion, know that if conservative public figures had acted like this when Obama was being sworn into office, they would be labeled treasonous and un-American.”

Comedian Rosie O'Donnell supports martial law to stop Trump inauguration
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On the subject of celebrities offering their political opinions, KISS frontman Gene Simmons recently wondered “Why does anybody give a squat what a guy in a band thinks about or anything like that?” and previously said that his entertainment-industry peers should “shut their pie hole” instead of complaining about the Trump victory.

Do you agree or disagree with Judge Jeanine Pirro’s response to Rosie O’Donnell for advocating martial law to delay the Trump inauguration?

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