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‘Married To Medicine’ Heavenly Kimes Threatens Mariah Huq – ‘I WILL Tell The Truth’

Is Mariah Huq hiding some damaging secret? That’s what Dr. Heavenly Kimes suggested on Friday night as the two Married to Medicine stars got into a heated Twitter argument with one another.

As the latest episode aired on Friday night, Heavenly sent Mariah a tweet that criticized her for supporting Lisa Nicole Cloud’s claim that she has a drinking problem. Heavenly told Mariah that they all need their blood levels checked for something.

Was Heavenly’s tweet her way of saying that Mariah also likes to drink or perhaps abuses some other substance? Mariah certainly didn’t like what the tweet suggested, considering she sent Heavenly a scathing response. Mariah told Heavenly to drink some water as her throat is obviously dry. Clearly, Mariah thinks that Heavenly’s “thirsty.” Mariah also told Heavenly that she’s not sure what lies and rumors she’s trying to start but to leave her out of it.

Heavenly lashed right back. Heavenly threatened Mariah that she’ll tell everyone the truth about her.

“You lie on me I WILL tell the truth about you!!!#StopTheS**t#married2med”

Mariah didn’t back down. She told Heavenly to stop creating mess.

Mariah also expressed bewilderment at Heavenly coming after her.

Heavenly’s warning to Mariah isn’t the first time a cast member has threatened to tell the truth about another. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Toya Bush Harris warned Lisa Nicole Cloud three weeks ago that she’ll tell all about her “tax secrets.

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The latest Married to Medicine episode that aired on Friday night showed the continuation of the cast’s vacation in Hawaii. As expected, the drama among the women also continued. Dr. Heavenly Kimes confronted Lisa over her saying, in a previous gathering in front of everyone, that she has a drinking problem. As shown in a flashback scene, Lisa snidely told Toya that Heavenly hides her alcohol in a coffee cup. Heavenly, denying that she’s an alcoholic, demanded that Lisa recant her claim. Lisa apologized to Heavenly if what she said hurt her, but didn’t exactly recant her claim. Mariah Huq, now good friends with Lisa, stood by Lisa as Heavenly and Toya lashed out at her.

In her confessional interview, Lisa claimed that Heavenly can drink a whole bottle of Crown Royal whiskey by herself in two hours.

“Heavenly likes to drink. Heavenly can put a whole bottle of Crown down by herself in two hours.”

Heavenly poked fun at Lisa’s claim that she’s an alcoholic by tweeting a photo of a bottle of Crown Royal and admitting that she can indeed drink the entire bottle.

One person who definitely doesn’t think that Heavenly has a drinking problem is Dr. Simone Whitmore’s husband, Cecil. Cecil jokingly tweeted that if Heavenly can put away a bottle of Crown in two hours, she needs to join a drinking competition. Heavenly re-tweeted Cecil’s tweet.

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Things between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq apparently won’t get better as the season progresses. In a statement to Bravo’s The Daily Dish in November 2016, ahead of the premiere of Married to Medicine season 4, Heavenly made it clear that viewers were not going to see her and Mariah become friends.

“I’ve been knowing Mariah for years, five or six years, and she doesn’t change a thing. I’m sorry. I wish I could give her the benefit of the doubt, but I know Mariah. I know her ways. She’s slick. Now, she can put on a front, but I just don’t trust her. I’m sorry. I don’t have respect for her, I don’t trust her, and I’m sorry that I feel that way, but she’s given us every reason to feel that way.”

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