‘Married To Medicine’: Toya Bush-Harris Threatens To Expose Lisa Nicole Cloud’s ‘Tax Secrets’

Could there be another Married to Medicine cast member who owes the IRS a big tax bill? On Friday night, as the latest episode aired, Toya Bush-Harris, who hasn’t been shy about letting everyone know that she and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, owe the IRS more than six figures, posted a tweet that alleged that co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud also has something fishy going on with the IRS.

Toya tweeted to Lisa that she should focus on her tax situation as she knows her tax secrets.

Lisa quickly replied to Toya’s tweet by stating that she’s not afraid of her idle threat. According to Lisa, she’s not hiding anything regarding her taxes.

What prompted Toya to threaten to spill Lisa’s “tax secrets,” if, in fact, there are any? As the latest episode aired, Lisa posted a tweet that made fun of Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ body, specifically her belly. Lisa lashed out at Heavenly for asking her, as viewers saw happen during Quad Webb-Lunceford’s birthday party for her husband that was featured on the latest episode, if she was pregnant yet. Lisa wrote that Heavenly doesn’t need to ask anyone if they’re pregnant, pointing out how her stomach looks without a waist trainer. Attached to the tweet was a group photo showing Heavenly in a red crop top and skirt.

Toya spoke up to defend Heavenly. Toya told Heavenly that her stylist has been doing an amazing job this season and it’s a good thing she doesn’t shop where that red ensemble came from. Evidently, that red ensemble that Heavenly wore was from Lisa’s clothing line.

Lisa, in turn, defended her business by stating that Heavenly chose that outfit and that she didn’t wear the proper undergarments to go with it.

Toya lashed back by saying that the outfit was made of “thin a** material,” thereby taking another dig at Lisa’s clothing line.

That’s when Lisa Nicole Cloud brought up Toya Bush-Harris’ tax issue. Lisa wrote that her company makes garments for all budgets, implying that Heavenly just didn’t want to spend much money on a better outfit for her body. Lisa then took a jab at Lisa’s status as a stay-at-home mom, telling her that when she gets a business or a job then they can talk, but until then, she should focus on her tax issues.


On the Married to Medicine Season 4 premiere episode that aired a few weeks ago, Toya revealed that she and her husband owe the IRS $170,000. Toya explained that the big tax debt resulted from her husband trusting their accountant, who was given power of attorney, to take care of their taxes and the accountant was not doing his job right. She admitted that she and her husband didn’t pay attention to the matter enough and lamented how neither one of them, who didn’t grow up with much, were taught how to take care of their finances.

In an interview with Radio and TV Talk in early November, Toya admitted that she and her husband should have been on top of their finances and taxes more.

“He took advantage of our ignorance. We should have been a lot more aggressive and make sure he was doing everything by the book. We should have read more. [Her husband] went to school for medicine. I went to school for administration. I never thought anyone would do that to a couple. He would send us paperwork. We did not do a lot of reading. He was filing way late and piled up late fees.”

On the premiere episode, viewers also saw Lisa and Toya clash after Toya implied that Lisa was not a hands-on mother, but instead relies on her nanny. During Lisa’s party to celebrate her decision to try to have another child, Toya said that Lisa’s situation was different from other 40-year-old women trying to have a baby, since if you have “somebody else raising your child, you can have as many babies as you want.” Lisa immediately lashed out at Toya, stating that she doesn’t have somebody else raising her children, but like all many women who work outside the home, hire help for when she’s working. During her confessional interview, Lisa snarked that Toya wouldn’t know since she doesn’t have a career.


On another episode, during Mariah Huq’s “New Beginnings” party, Lisa criticized Toya for suggesting that she has someone else raising her children and that her marriage has problems. Lisa called Toya “tacky.” Toya immediately brought up the allegation that Lisa’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, is gay. On Season 3, a man claimed on-air that he had a sexual relationship with Darren, which Darren and Lisa quickly denied once it was brought to their attention.

“That’s your problem. You ain’t been boned in a motherf***ing long time…Don’t go there honey. Don’t go there honey…What’s tacky is you trying to have a baby with a dude who was called gay last year! Don’t ever say I’m tacky.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Lisa threatened Toya that she can be sued for slander, pointing out that her husband is not under contract with the show and so is free to file a lawsuit.

On the latest Married to Medicine episode that aired on Friday night, Toya Bush-Harris and Lisa Nicole Cloud continued to clash, thanks to Dr. Heavenly Kimes proclaiming that during a previous meeting that she had with Lisa to plan a relationship conference, Lisa made fun of Toya’s tax bill. A flashback was shown of Lisa telling Heavenly that one of the major reasons why marriages break down is finances and pointing out that, smiling, there’s people in their group who have major issues with finances. When Heavenly asked who, Lisa said Toya and Eugene. When Lisa asked Toya if it’s not true that she could grow from listening to a financial expert, Lisa made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate Toya making light of her tax situation.

“I can but I couldn’t grow from somebody laughing about it.”

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