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Anger Over Hurricane Sandy Relief Grows: Could FEMA’s Response Spell Trouble For Obama?

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Hurricane Sandy victims overflowing with anger about the alleged lack of help from FEMA and the Red Cross could mean a decrease in support for President Barack Obama on Election Day. The Huffington Post reports that although Obama initially received praise for his handling of the massive disaster, many storm victims are boiling over with fury because they are still without adequate food, clothing, and heat.

After the hurricane the Federal Emergency Management Agency was contracted to provide 24 million gallons of fuel. A total of 230 fuel trucks were sent to New Jersey and New York to be distributed, the Huffington Post also notes. Some local residents are furious that shortages still exist more than a week after the storm. Elaine Kelley at the FEMA headquarters in Washington was unable to clear up the mystery about where all the fuel has gone.

New Dorp resident Carlos Francheshini had this say about disaster aid, according to BusinessInsider:

There’s been no assistance. Everything we have the public has given to us, they bought it at Home Depot. None of it came from the city or government. Every day the smell gets worse.”

Hurricane Sandy victim Jodi Hannula had this to say to CBS New York about the boots on the ground aid:

“Red Cross is here with hot chocolate and cookies. We need blankets, we need pillows, we need clothing. We can get hot chocolate and cookies, we need help!”

The Staten Island Advance reported on Monday that residents can begin registering for disaster relief at mobile FEMA offices. The hurricane victims must provide a list of damages, a bank routing number, and the name of their insurance company. If the claims are processed as quickly as promised, eligible Sandy victims can set up an appointment to have their homes inspected. How long it will take to get a home inspection and direct deposit of monetary aid is unknown. Some of the folks applying for aid may become eligible for a low-interest disaster recovery loan.

Victim Lauren Parks stated the aid has come from neighbors helping each other, that there is no one there from relief agencies to help. Cathy Murphy stated that she did make contact with FEMA, and was told that they would be mailing her a check. Murphy is worried about receiving the check since the post office would have to maneuver along storm damaged roads to make it to her home.

Drop-off centers created by charitable citizens and groups were able to quickly garner dozens upon dozens of bags of gently used clothing, food, and necessity items for the storm victims.

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19 Responses to “Anger Over Hurricane Sandy Relief Grows: Could FEMA’s Response Spell Trouble For Obama?”

  1. Robin Rosenblatt

    FEMA and the government should stop the paperwork BS and start helping people rebuild.

  2. Melissa Arra

    Quit griping about the government and Red Cross. I am there (I'm a civilian), and they are there. It takes time to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone is working hard….survivors of the storm, civilian volunteers and state and government workers. It's going to be a year+ of re-building, not a week. Just get out and help and if you cannot, donate $10 to the myriad of organizations that are.

  3. Melissa Arra

    I do have to say I'm gearing this comment towards those not directly affected by the storm and the media. All of those folks sitting in cold houses with all of their belongings ruined by flooding or fire will need to vent. They can even vent at me.

  4. Sharon Manfredo

    Hey ms. Arra, instead of patting yourselves on the back..why don't you all start thinking outside the box& get people some real about sending planes full of water, blankets & clothes into all ny & nj. Airports..& charge FEMA..instead of makin people register for a check down the road wen theyned help about moving any of the displaced people that are willing to leave to a better about Yankee stadium& city field..they r empty now..loaded w/ restaurants& suites to make people comfortable & fed…bill the supply's & help to give them a sense of their life back…bureaucracy is not what they ned..they need action…a place to stay warmth & clothes..a hot shower..I'm not elected to anything & I can use common sense & figure out how towel pout better from my couch…the prez took his photo op & went rite back to campaigning…once you move & get the people situated it would be 10 times easier to clean up the mess..wake up..& let's really help & take care of these displaced people now not later!!

  5. Roger D Huebner

    Take a close look. Anything under the control and management of Homeland Security is going to fail horribly. For everybody that wants to critize FEMA where have you been since Katrina to reorginize and improve the functioning of this agency. All of you can find blame, now its time to find solutions. How does that go? If you are not part of the solution you ARE part of the problem.

  6. Stephen Unangst

    It is funny that when a democrat finally realizes that no matter how much you try to prepare, no one can handle the power of mother nature. It is a shame you didn't realize it when Bush was president. You couldn't wait to blame. Now that it is your turn in the barrel, we should be patient. Liberal hypocracy, isn't it wonderful.

  7. Joyce Sobecky Barron

    In the aftermath of Sandy we are extremely disappointed in the failure of the President, Vice President and democratic leadership to assist citizens of the first state in recovering from Sandy. We are asking for help for one business that will be returned many times over in the form of jumpstarting the economy of Kent County Delaware. We started a small business sept first in woodland beach delaware with the goal of restoring tourism to kent county and create badly needed jobs. For a history of the area visit Many people locally have not worked in years and it's not uncommon to have over a hundred apply for one cashier job. Our goal is to act as responsible stewards if a unique unspoiled area and preserve history while conserving wetlands for the future. In eight weeks we cleaned up years of trash, tripled tourism and reduced crime by 95%. We partnered with a group to restore oyster beds and spent time and money attracting larger fish with great results. This is a place an hour from wilmington where bald eagles nest, muskrats swim and you can explore sunken ships at low tide. The thousands if acres of protected wetlands minimized surges but loss of roof and walls allowed a foot and a half of rain in. for forty years residents have had to drive eighr miles for basic essentials including drinking water. We established a small general store to serve them and tourists and planned a diner, wedding chapel, b&b, and classroom space. The classroom space would be used to teach adults boat building/repair skills, further history and conservation learning, and provide exposure to native american culture. We have permission to add a dock which will allow boat rentals, facilitate use of the ramp already there and create tour boat opportunities. We believe in accessible outdoor experience and wanted to offer adaptive fishing and hunting gear on loan to our wounded heroes. We are on a pre sale agreement and could not purchase insurance till closing. Now the seller refuses to honor the contract to pay for damages and no federal aid is available. A century if sand was lost from the public beach but delaware law prohibits replenishment spending north of the tourist traps. We desperately need help which will allow us to continue building a model public access area in harmony with the environment. A single investment of 250,000 will allow rebuilding and generate up to a million dollars a month in a region with high unemployment. Our website is and we have Please help us continue the momentum to restore hope to a beautiful town of small year round residences. Also many nearby fishing piers were destroyed and this will keep angler spending as an important part if delawares economy.

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