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Voter Intimidation: Special Forces Veterans Organized To Maintain A Clean Election

get out the vet

A group of Special Forces veterans who are determined to prevent voter intimidation in Philadelphia have been dubbed Seal Team November 6. The former Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and Delta Force members reportedly want to make sure that there is not a repeat of the Black Panthers alleged intimidation of voters on Tuesday.

Former Navy Captain Benjamin Brink had this to say about the group’s plans on Election Day:

“The nation saw the video of members of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia intimidating people trying to vote in 2008. We are going to try and make certain that nothing like that happens this year.”

Brinks stated that more than 100 former Special Forces members have volunteered for the duty during the presidential election. Brinks noted that the mission involves observing and reporting, according to The Philly Post. The former Navy officer also stated the obvious referring to the character of his guys when he said his men are not easily intimidated. Group members will attempt to videotape any voter intimidation they encounter.

The “clean election movement” idea sprang the fight for voter ID laws and a video showing some Black Panthers members standing at the entrance of a polling place in 2008. The Get Out the Vet organization also works to make sure that all military members serving overseas get ballots and that those ballots are counted.

Brinks had this to say about military ballots:

“There are men and women fighting right now so that we have the right to vote in free and fair elections. We are just doing our part to make certain democracy works the way it is supposed to.”

Philadelphia will get “extra attention” due to the Black Panther presence at voting locations in 2008, but it is not the only city where the Get Out the Vet group will be on November 6. Special Forces veterans will also reportedly be positioned in Miami, Cleveland, and Las Vegas.

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16 Responses to “Voter Intimidation: Special Forces Veterans Organized To Maintain A Clean Election”

  1. Nancy Hill

    Thank you guys. Glad to see someone will stand for the American Citizens and the American Way of Life. We all know this Adminstration will not! God Save America!

  2. Sandra Blacklock West

    I think it is so sad that our Country has come to that point! obama has brought so much disgrace to our Country! Lets get the scum out of our White House! Vote Romney for love of Country!

  3. Nadine Faber

    Keep praying. Vote and get your friends and families to help vote out the this most corrupt, abusing and stealing our hard earned tax dollars and self-serving, greedy, lying administration so we can have a strong American and keep this a land of freedoms, rights, choices and the Greatest Nation in the world. Obama wants to keep us in decline and dependent, taking away those freedoms and rights millions have given their lives to protect and defend.

  4. Eli Motl

    Yeah I say like if Romney had the KKK at the polls with pitch forks that would totally fly right? This year we get the Panther 's and the NAACP harassing people at the polls. Glad some hero's are out in force to put a stop to this since our Police and Government do nothing bout it…

  5. Robert Betts

    Hope to see video of the BPP getting schooled by men who aren't afraid of thugs.

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