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Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan On Whether She’s Faking Drama For Ratings

Did Kenya Moore use Matt Jordan for a dramatic story line on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? In recent episodes, viewers have watched Matt accuse Kenya of manipulating him and situations to make him out to be the bad guy. The latest episode that aired on Sunday night, however, seemed to validate Kenya’s claims that Matt really is an unstable man with anger problems, for it showed him slapping a man in the face while trying to talk to Kenya.

Matt has now spoken out about what viewers watched on the latest episode via the comments section of a photo that he recently posted on Instagram.

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As usual since Season 9 started, many people left comments on Matt’s photo to talk not about what he posted but about what they’re watching on the latest episodes. A lot of people left negative comments that criticized Matt’s behavior towards Kenya. Viewers especially criticized Matt for hitting Kenya’s driver. Yet one viewer did leave a comment that defended Matt. The viewer pointed out that reality TV doesn’t show everything and all sides. The viewer also gave her opinion that it was all done for ratings and that without Matt, Kenya wouldn’t have had a story line this season. Clearly, the viewer thinks that Kenya somehow orchestrated all of the relationship drama or encouraged it to secure her own place on the show.

“bosschixatl: All done for ratings. Plus reality TV will put only certain things on, so you never see everything. Unfortunately… it sad that everyone only sees what they want us to see and it’s obvious that if there was no Matt.. there be no story line for Kenya this season. Prayers going up though.”

Mat responded to the comment. He didn’t exactly confirm or deny the viewer’s claim but simply stated that she may have a point.

“mattjordanbrand: Hummmmm. My boo @bosschixatl may have a point….checking in on yall!!! Shooter on deck.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Matt was actually asked in a recent interview whether Kenya told him to act crazy in order to have a dramatic story line. The interviewer gave her opinion that Matt, not fully aware of the consequences, just naively went along with Kenya’s plan. Matt gave an ambiguous answer regarding whether Kenya faked situations but did say that he has only ever gotten upset after repeatedly requesting someone to stop something and that person not honoring his request.

One thing Matt Jordan is very clear on, however, is his reaction to Kenya Moore’s driver. The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed Matt driving to Peter Thomas’ nightclub opening after getting his plane ticket, which Peter brought for him, to the event canceled per Kenya’s request. Kenya explained that she had Peter cancel Matt’s ticket, after initially giving her okay to Matt’s attendance, after realizing that Matt was still behaving erratically. When Matt saw Kenya sitting inside a car outside the party, he apparently tried to talk to her. Kenya’s driver could then be heard yelling that Matt hit him.

Apparently, Matt wouldn’t have done anything different. When another viewer left a comment on Matt’s photo indicating that she changed her mind about what Matt did after seeing that it happened after the driver rolled up the window while Matt’s head was inside the car, Matt replied that his reaction will always be the same. Clearly, Matt feels that he was justified in hitting at that moment.

“shalanda_sharise: Oh nevermind…I see he rolled your neck up in the window.”

“mattjordanbrand: @shalanda_sharise Exactly…..im sorry that will always be my reaction.”

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Surprisingly, Kenya has defended Matt. In her Bravo blog recapping the latest episode, Kenya confirmed that her driver did roll up the window while Matt’s head was still inside the car.

“He looked inside the car and then the driver rolled the window up on him while his head was still inside. It happened so fast. I was relieved that he walked away and it didn’t escalate.”

Kenya also revealed that Matt checked up on her after he heard that she chased trespassers off her property last week with a gun, which to her shows that he’s not a monster.

“Even though I have not spoken to Matt in a while, he came to my house when he heard I was possibly hurt by trespassers last week. I wasn’t home, but his mother reached out to me for him to make sure I was not hurt. Even though I would never make any excuses for violent or verbally abusive behavior, this show of genuine care has made me see he is not a monster.”

Yet this doesn’t mean that Kenya is thinking of giving Matt another chance romantically. Kenya maintained that she’s justified in leaving the relationship considering how unsafe he made her feel.

“But be clear, no woman should accept any person who makes them feel threatened or nervous in any way. I feel justified in my decision to leave the relationship. With that said, I know that he has been getting help. I pray that he continues his path of healing.”

While a romantic relationship seems to be completely out of the question, perhaps Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan will be friends some time in the future? Kenya’s latest blog seems to indicate that she may be willing to be his friend. As the Inquisitr reported, Matt has recently also stated that he wants to be Kenya’s friend and that he’s not “salty” about the demise of their romantic relationship. If things between the two cool down and they do indeed become friends in the upcoming weeks, perhaps Matt will even show up on the upcoming The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show to support Kenya and defend himself?

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