More Death And Pain In 'The 100' Season 4 Newest Trailer

‘The 100’ Season 4 Trailer Hints At More Death, Destruction, And Pain

“There’s nothing like a little pain to remind you you’re alive,” was a line in the latest 100 Season 4 trailer. The newest release from the CW makes it very clear that fans of the series will witness more death, destruction, and pain — and not just when it comes to the nuclear reactors.

The Grounders will blame Skaikru for everything that is happening in Season 4. After all, it was Clarke who made the decision that the City of Light couldn’t stay, meaning that everyone will suffer. Everyone will now feel pain and remember those hurtful memories, and there is nowhere for the souls to go after death. Well, there may be somewhere, but nobody really knows.

The first 100 Season 4 trailer last month reminded fans of what to expect this season. A.L.I.E. told Clarke about the nuclear reactors breaking down, which will lead to death and destruction of 96 percent of the world. Who will be strong enough to survive? When will the rest of the world find out that they are likely to die?

The latest trailer makes it clear that people will eventually find out. Clarke has put it upon herself yet again to help find a solution to the problem and will likely stop at nothing to succeed. At least Bellamy is now on her side, which could mean some success and someone to turn to when it inevitably means she loses friends. The first trailer already made it clear that not everyone is on the side of “do anything for the sake of survival.”

There are hints that Raven will be on Clarke’s side, although she sarcastically reminds Jasper of everything they lost getting rid of A.L.I.E. Raven was originally one of the City of Light supporters until she realized that her memories were being wiped by the A.I. In the end, she joined Clarke and her followers to take down A.L.I.E. whatever the cost.

The only member of Skaikru not currently working with Clarke and the gang is Octavia. This is a turning point for the young member, who made the decision to kill Pike for his crimes against Lincoln and other Grounders last season. This is her chance to step up and become the Skai Ripper, as she will be nicknamed.

Jason Rothenberg shared with TV Line that Octavia’s storyline is going to get dark in The 100 Season 4. She needs to work out who she is after Lincoln’s death since she doesn’t belong with Skaikru or Trikru. After learning so much from both Lincoln and Indra, it’s time for her to get her revenge. While she is told that vengeance and justice are not the same things, Octavia with a very new look makes it clear that she isn’t going to stop.

There is clearly so much going on in The 100 Season 4. While Clarke will have to deal with the Grounders against her, Raven and the others need to find safe points so they can all ride out the radiation. Bellamy needs to learn that his sister is her own person while dealing with the innocent lives he took last season.

Will the Sky People and the Grounders ever start working together? Will they trust one another, or was Lexa’s work with Clarke all in vain? Could King Roan help to convince his people that Clarke is just trying to save them all?

The 100 Season 4 returns on February 1 to the CW at 9 p.m. It shouldn’t take too long for some of the questions to be answered, as Clarke and the gang find a way to save the world from the total destruction A.L.I.E. promised.

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