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Kailyn Lowry’s Son Gives Her Attitude? Could Anger Issues Be The Cause?

Kailyn Lowry is gearing up for her last semester at Delaware University after spending the last couple of years getting her education. Lowry has been dealing with a divorce, public backlash, and raising two boys on her own over the past couple of months, and it sounds like she’s happy that things are finally slowing down a bit. But Lowry knows that she will continue to face backlash over the next few months, especially when it comes to Teen Mom 2 as the show is back on MTV. And it sounds like she’s hoping that someone in her life will change, and it’s possible she’s referring to Javi Marroquin or Jo Rivera.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that someone may have promised her to change a bit, but it sounds like that promise is not being respected. Over the weekend, Kailyn continued her vague Twitter rants, where she kept calling people out but not by name. She also tweeted lyrics that could hint she’s not exactly happy with someone in her life. But she’s getting along with Jo Rivera and personally said that she and Javi are doing just fine. So, who is she talking about?

“You can change your ways for a little while… but it’ll never last,” Kailyn Lowry revealed over the weekend, hinting that someone may have promised her to change but failed to do so, at least according to her.

However, some people encouraged her to perhaps change herself, writing back to her, “hey Kail, CHANGE seems to be a BIG word around my home rite now. I’m gonna just try to change myself. And stop trying to change others!!”

It sounds like she got some valuable advice when it comes to changing herself. And many people would love to see Kailyn change her attitude. It’s no secret that Lowry has admitted to an anger problem in the past, and she even talked about possibly having bipolar disorder. She has flipped out on Javi several times and even got violent with him once. When Kailyn brought up an interesting fact about herself — that she sometimes mixes her sons’ names up — one person guessed that Isaac’s answer to her had to do with what he saw at home.

“When I mix up my kids names up & Isaac says, “maybe you should practice our names” #7YearOldSmartAss,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted after Isaac gave her some attitude for not remembering his name, to which one person wrote back, “Kids only copy what they see. Kail has had lot of anger issues. Never solved them.”

Over the past couple of months, Kailyn has faced much criticism for her role in the divorce. While Marroquin really wanted to work things out with his wife, she was done trying to make it work. Some people feel that she completely gave up on the marriage. In a blog post from August, Kailyn Lowry explained that she’s dating again and keeping her personal problems to herself to avoid hurting her children’s father.

“Have I been dating? Yeah… Is it ultimately my decision if I do? Yes! I’m separated, pending divorce, it’s not a crime to date. What’s okay for one has to be okay for the other and that’s all I’ll say about that,” Kailyn wrote in a blog post on her own website.

“Unfortunately, this was a marriage that ended but there are still children involved. I have kept my mouth shut because I didn’t think we needed to involve more people during this sensitive time… And it’s the father of my child so I never want to bash him. I would never want my children to think poorly of the person I was once married to. I can’t control what the other side does, but it was time to get my truth out there,” she continued.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s anger issues possibly playing a role in how Isaac is answering his mother at home? Do you think the person has a point about Isaac doing as he sees at home?

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