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Peter Thomas On Cynthia Bailey’s Breast Exposure And Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker’s Sex Dungeon

What did Peter Thomas think of his ex, Cynthia Bailey, showing off her breasts on national television? He actually found it quite funny. On Tuesday, in response to the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that showed Cynthia having her breasts examined in her doctor’s office in front of all of her co-stars, Peter posted an Instagram video in which he laughed about Cynthia’s breast exposure and actually cheered her on. In the video, Peter also made a joke about wanting to get invited to Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s sex dungeon now that he’s a single man.

“Damn what the f**k is going on in Atlanta with your Housewives show? Oh my God! My, Cynthia?! Titties everywhere! [Laughs] You got your independence baby, that’s some s**t. And Kandi and Todd, I’m getting ready to move into that motherf**king sex dungeon. Cause ya’ll are f**king everybody! [Laughs] I’m on my way, damn it, I’m a single man, let me get some a**, I’m on my way. [Laughs].”

@kandi @todd167 I AM ON MY WAY, save some for me,moving back to ATL ???????????????????????? I ????y'all. @kingdomlos @cynthiabailey10 @thekenyamoore @shereewhitfield @neneleakes @bravotv

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That wasn’t the only video about the latest episode that Peter posted to his Instagram page. On Sunday night, as the episode aired, Peter posted a video of himself in bed watching the show and giving his thoughts on what was happening. Peter had some strong words about the scene involving Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield, during which Phaedra claimed that Kandi and Todd were having sex with Porsha’s friend, Shamea Morton, and Porsha seemed to back up Phaedra’s claim.

“I’m at home watching…this s**t is funny. The way they throwing each other under the f**king bus and running each other over. Oh my God I love it! [Laughs]…”

It’s very likely that Peter thinks that Phaedra’s claim regarding Kandi and Todd is a lie. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Peter, in December, did an interview in which he called Phaedra a liar who’s actually “the biggest freak” on the show but pretends to be all innocent. Peter slammed Phaedra for deserting her ex, the currently incarcerated Apollo Nida, and pretending to not know of his crimes.

As with Apollo, Peter Thomas is good friends with Todd Tucker. Judging by his Instagram video in which he laughed about Kandi and Todd having sex with everyone and even having a sex dungeon, it’s pretty clear that he finds everything that Phaedra said so ridiculous that one can only laugh about it.

On Sunday night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta show, Porsha Williams, accompanied by Sheree Whitfield, took Kandi Burruss to task for publicly spilling what Phaedra Parks told her when they were friends, namely that she couldn’t wait for Apollo to go to prison and that she was already talking to other men before his prison sentence began. Kandi defended herself by saying that Phaedra has gone around talking ill about her to everyone in an attempt to try to harm her business and that Porsha will one day see the true Phaedra.

Later, Porsha, again accompanied by Sheree, told Phaedra what happened during their meeting with Kandi. Porsha also admitted that her friend, Shamea Morton, has also been talking about Phaedra, specifically that Phaedra tried to get with her then-husband. In retaliation, Phaedra said that Shamea has sex with everyone, including Kandi and Todd. Porsha didn’t deny Phaedra’s claim, but agreed that Shamea’s “close” to both Kandi and Todd.

As the Inquisitr reported, Shamea quickly lashed out at Porsha for “cosign[ing]” Phaedra’s lie while Kandi called Phaedra’s claim “BS.” Porsha, in her blog post, subsequently did some backtracking by stating that Shamea has never told her that there’s anything sexual going on between her and Kandi and that she was just trying to stay neutral when Phaedra made that claim.

“Well Pheadra was very upset after hearing what Shamea had to say, and I was in a very uncomfortable position sitting there between two very good friends arguing. It was so hard for me…For the record, Shamea has not mentioned or told me that there is anything going on with Kandi other than a close friendship. The reason I mentioned that they were even close is because Shamea is indeed close with them. That was meant in no other context other than friendship. Point is…I really wanted to remain neutral and that is such a hard thing to do when both people who I respect and admire feel passionate in their point of view.”

On a lighter note, the episode also showed Cynthia Bailey having all of the women at her breast exam. The women laughed and made jokes as they touched Cynthia’s breasts, which everyone agreed looked and felt great. There was also a touching moment between Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle, and Peter, during which Noelle complained about how she felt abandoned by both Cynthia and Peter when it comes to her feelings regarding the divorce. Peter cried when he heard Noelle say that she didn’t feel as if anyone took her feelings into account. Peter promised Noelle that he’ll always be there for her.

Here is another clip from our exclusive interview with Peter Thomas. He confirms divorce is final, new lady in his life, and the full interview has so much other tea that you have got to head to Power98fm.com to get the rest. Until then, enjoy this 🙂

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In a recent interview with Power 98 FM‘s Vonyetta, Peter noted that he and Cynthia are friends and that he’s still close to Noelle.

“We are friends. When a relationship is over for me, it’s over for me. I am attached to Noelle. Noelle just spent a weekend here with me in Charlotte.”

Peter, who has sometimes been accused by viewers of being too involved with the women’s drama and publicly commenting on what happens, also revealed that he gets paid for being on the show just like the women. Viewers will see him on the cast’s upcoming Hawaii trip.

“I’m on the contract with Bravo. They said ‘Hawaii,’ I said ‘I’m there!’ It’s a great payday and it’s a great experience being around those people. I’ve been an alumni in the Housewife franchise for the last seven years. And I had fun with the trip. I had fun being around Cynthia. I don’t have those emotional feelings towards her. I cut that off.”

Viewers may even see Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey, as well as their friends Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, on a The Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off show. Peter revealed that he’s working on a show titled Building Bar One.

“We cast around 15 people… They should be shooting a pilot for it by the end of January, beginning of February. Bravo knows, or I should say True Entertainment [which produces RHOA], knows what they’re getting from me. The people we have cast… they’re very excited about those people. I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that it’s a go.”

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