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George Wendt Of ‘Cheers’ Emerges From Bypass Surgery Like A Boss

George Wendt recovering from heart surgery in Chicago

Yesterday, we reported that George Wendt had been checked into a hospital for chest pains. Today, we can happily report that Wendt is recovering from surgery and is doing just fine.

Wendt, best known for portraying Norm on the long-running NBC sitcom Cheers, was hospitalized on Sunday for chest pains. The 64-year-old actor was forced to drop out of a stage production of The Odd Couple for the Northlight Theatre, located in the Chicago suburb of Skokie.

Though the stage dropout may have worried some, reps for the actor said that Wendt was expected to make a full recovery, reports Yahoo.

On Thursday, Wendt underwent successful coronary bypass surgery at a Chicago-area hospital. According to Wendt’s Los Angeles-based manager, Geoff Cheddy, testing had revealed that an artery leading to Wendt’s heart was severely constricted, reports The Chicago Tribune.

As stated above, Wendt emerged from surgery and is still expected to make a full recovery.

“George and his family send heart-felt thanks to all the well-wishers,” Cheddy said in a statement. “And they ask for privacy and consideration as he recovers.” Cheddy would not reveal the name of the hospital that Wendt had been admitted to.

Wendt himself responded to concerned emails on Wednesday, reassuring fans that he was doing well. His reassurance came with the actor’s signature lighthearted banter.

“I did in fact have a piece of Polish sausage lodged in my artery,” Wendt joked. “The doc said it was a coronary kielbosis.”

IQ extends well-wishes for a fast recovery to George Wendt. Are you a fan of George Wendt? Are you a fan of Cheers? Sound off!

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11 Responses to “George Wendt Of ‘Cheers’ Emerges From Bypass Surgery Like A Boss”

  1. Saffareene Gray

    That's GREAT news George! I have always been a fan of CHEERS and I love NORM! Get well soon.

  2. Karen Kasprowicz

    So happy that you're doing well. Always a fan favorite in this town. Ever the consummate gentleman. God bless you, George.

  3. Anonymous

    Glad to see you are doing well….keep up the good work, we like your work.

  4. John Gregory

    NORM! "Hey Norm/Mr. Peterson – how goes the "kielbosis"? "Well, Coach/Woody about as good as a kangaroo with a 50lb Joey in it's pouch!" "Wanna beer Mr. Peterson?" — "Does a 'roo shit in the outback?" – "Put a head on this one would'ya Wood?" -> Get better Mr. Wendt! Still remember you as a Marine on M*A*S*H with a pool ball stuck in your mouth! What number was it again? Fast recovery wishes,…CHEERS!

  5. David Stark

    George, thanks to reading about your ordeal I finally went to my doctor since I've been having stabbing chest pains. Turned out to be nothing but it's better to know and get the help you need if necessary. Godspeed on your recovery!

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