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Kate Moss Confesses Breakdown After Sexy Calvin Klein Shoot With Mark Wahlberg

kate moss breakdown calvin klein

Model Kate Moss confesses she had a “breakdown” after one of her first big gigs, a sexy underwear shoot for Calvin Klein with Mark Wahlberg, then known as “Marky Mark,” as she rose to fame in the 90s.

Kate Moss’ breakdown was something the supermodel discussed in a recent Vanity Fair interview, when she explains that the pressure of the shoot was a lot to deal with as a teen. Moss is now 38, but she recalls being young and new to the modeling world when she scored the big ad back before Wahlberg was a big name in film.

Kate Moss’ breakdown, before she met former boyfriend Johnny Depp (the pair dated for about four years in the 90s), came amid pressure she felt to pose topless. Moss says that her youth and modeling inexperience were in part barriers to pose semi-nude, but her small breasts and a mole on one side made her terribly self-conscious.

But the model also explains that she was told to agree or “we’re not going to book you again.” Moss says that she would ” lock [herself] in the toilet and cry and then come out and do it,” and explains of her breakdown:

“I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts … It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die.”

kate moss breakdown

After her breakdown, Kate Moss says that a photographer friend stepped in to advise her — but that overall, there is not a lot of support for young models:

“I went to the doctor, and he said, ‘I’ll give you some Valium,’ and [photographer] Francesca Sorrenti, thank God, said, ‘You’re not taking that.’ It was just anxiety. Nobody takes care of you mentally. There’s a massive pressure to do what you have to do. I was really little, and I was going to work with Steven Meisel. It was just really weird — a stretch limo coming to pick you up from work. I didn’t like it. But it was work, and I had to do it.”

Moss also admits her breakup with Depp was intense, admitting “years and years of crying” after the split.

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45 Responses to “Kate Moss Confesses Breakdown After Sexy Calvin Klein Shoot With Mark Wahlberg”

  1. Leslie Morrison

    Oh boo hoo. Then don't get naked in front of stranger and a photographer. How about that? Find another job (perhaps in an office, a retail store) if you don't want to "model". Now there is an idea, huh?

  2. Jpappie Jpap

    ooh god how I hate these models.. I didn't mean to do porn or pose nude or do playboy or penthouse..someone made was the pressure..get over yourself..we don't care.

  3. Laura Dutton

    Wow! These are pretty harsh comments. She was a young impressionable girl with literally no guidance and was being threatened. She was looking at a huge modeling career and everyone was telling her to do it. So I can understand why it might have freaked her out. I think back to when I was 17 years old, and I probably would have felt too intimidated to say no; not that I would have been facing that kind of opportunity!

  4. Karen Gainer

    and we care….why? 15 years later….grow up Kate…..for God's sake….who the heck gives a damn?

  5. Brandee Vasquez

    Young girls feel some type of pressure, which pretty much amounts to just plain old sexual harassment, even when they work at some restaurant (more cleavage, more tips…and so on). It happens to young men, as well. I can only imagine the pressure looking at a life changing career at that age. Your comment shows you are a empathetic person.

  6. Leslie Morrison

    Hahah! Thanks Megan! My point is that if the whole thing made her so uncomfortable then why do it.

  7. Jeremy Fisher

    I also think you are pathetic. What is wrong is not politicians, not all of it. The problem is people – stupid, selfish, ignorant people.

  8. Clark Hudgens

    this is the same as a pimp slappin his b*tch around… She needs to take this to the mountain top and shout it!

  9. Al Hennington

    johnny depp is lucky to have gotten rid of her, shes obviously neurotic, can you imagine having to listen to her whine about selling herself out for a big paycheck, shes just a whore.

  10. Corey Nufer

    Yeah, sure, mock a girl who was, at the time, 16, for being a bit neurotic about posing nude in a photo shoot for the first time. Then, do me a favor, go find a first time firefighter and make fun of them for being nervous on their first call. Ooh, then you can condescend to a former child soldier that still has nightmares about being forced to murder babies, "Would you like fries with your whaaamburger?".

    Just love how you women stick together and empower each other, oh crap, actually, I meant browbeat and devour each other for sport.

  11. Corey Nufer

    1) You obviously only partially read the article, though looking at it in the first place means you were interested, so you obviously care. 2) In case you didn't notice, Moss wasn't making excuses or saying she didn't want to do it, she just said it was stressful for her as a 16 year old to do it and it had emotional and psychological consequences.

    By the looks of your profile, you don't have much room to talk, "Likes: Everything politically conservative and the Bachelorette fan page." Take your fake a#$ the f$#% back to the political blogs and leave the rest of us alone.

  12. Corey Nufer

    Obviously you cared, you read the article, and if you really didn't care, you wouldn't have taken the time out of your day to comment. Also, she was INTERVIEWED, meaning that the interviewer asked the question, so they obviously gave a sh%*. I mean, the interviewer probably asked how it felt to do a nude advertisement with celebrities at such a young age and she answered. How about you get over your own pompous self and grow the f$#$ up.

  13. Corey Nufer

    Sad, old, jealous, bitter middle aged women make comments like yours, good luck, I wonder if that dating company from MAD TV is still around, "Lowered Expectations".

  14. Karen Gainer

    wrong…I didn't read the artical….and yes I took the time to comment…Pompous???? Moi??? Mr Top Commenter…seems you have opinions about lots of issues, and yet you attack me for having one….hummmmm…who died and left you incharge of opinions? …five minutes from now, I won't care about your comment or Kate Moss…..

  15. Bill Coffren

    Then umm why even reply if you don't have anything positive or good to say instead of being a pompous witch b!*tch with people, so stuff that were the sun don't shine…

  16. Christopher Philip Cinquegrano

    Whining about being picked up in a Stretch Limo for work? She was born with looks , its not something she had to build and create. Alls she had to do was show up and get a fat check. What in ignorant , no common sense havin ditz.

  17. Christopher Philip Cinquegrano

    Whining about being picked up in a Stretch Limo for work? She was born with looks , its not something she had to build and create. Alls she had to do was show up and get a fat check. What in ignorant , no common sense havin ditz.

  18. Arian Hernandez

    Karen…article, not ARTICAL…I do give a damn okay? there's people that do give a damn…why are people so sour these days? She's a supermodel talking about her first job experiences…have a good day :) and smile!

  19. Arian Hernandez

    Perhaps…you don't need to comment on these articles?….perhaps….just an idea… :)

  20. Arian Hernandez

    Well….look at where she is…with "gross" breasts and all….don't be pathetic Pat.

  21. Kelly Masalski

    How sad of another woman not to understand what she went through! Leslie you have no clue and are a very in compassionate person !

  22. Nina Camacho Farkas

    What is she doing posing nude at 16…where were her parents…give me a break.

  23. Marianne Byrd Ferns

    hell I was thinking omg he is so hot and that's why I would be nervous, they throw the young models into those situations to see if there going to cut it. if they cant then they wont waste there time on them. I was expecting her to say they wanted her to lose weight.

  24. Armando Tan

    Just to read it was against her will is enough for me. What's a very young kid to do? Just glad she went on to succeed in her chosen career instead of going wild and committing suicide. Don't worry Kate, we understand. I hope you are a believer in Jesus. It sure would help you a lot.

  25. Armando Tan

    Oh, Karen. Don't you know? the world is so full of haters now that one more of them could be the straw that broke the camel's back. So don't join them ,okay? Hating is losing. Don't be a loser.

  26. Erica Floyd

    I think alot of these comments are hurtful and unnecessary. She obviously had little to no guidance or support , it's really a sad thing. This still happens all the time. I don't blame it on the models but on society. Society puts so much pressure on models and actresses , actors , etc. Everything seems to revolve around sex because unfortunately sex sells. I have 4 daughters and I know I wouldn't want them doing something like that….. I would be right there behind them telling them there is something better that will come along that will also allow them to keep their morals and values and self respect intact. She must not have had a person like that in her life and that's the sad part!

  27. Karen Gainer

    Arian and Armando, ty for reminding me to always find the good in everything! As for Bill and Corey I tried to find the good in your comments about me….and I found nothing good…have a wonderful day!

  28. Keshia Webb

    Ugh! I don't believe her.. @ 17 or 18 she was old enough to say NO.. nude? she could have declined the job… But she wanted that good ole ass get paid . Or wait patiently til a legit jig comes along . Kate decided to take the money …

  29. Jeremy Fisher

    There are another 21 f…kwits who agree with this twit. Its kind of like the "you committed a small crime so you deserve to be raped for 5 years" crowd. Serves you right!!!!!!!! No sense of morality or decency. Simple, stupid, selfish fools. Almost happy to see someone else's hardships to make your own pathetic life seem superior.

  30. Bill Coffren

    As for Armando stop kissing up it doesn't do you wonders and Karen I just stated if you don't have anything nice to say about anyone then don't open your mouth basically, did you understand that time??

  31. Erica Floyd

    Being a model doesn't mean you have to or that you should get naked in front of people !

  32. Mike Rieker

    Well I find I am in agreement with Leslie. I do however believe her pimp, (manager), the photographer and Calvin Klein should have been prosecuted for child abuse though I wonder how much trouble she has now with straddling a buff guy?

  33. Cheryl Lambert-Avila

    I think what some of the people on here are missing is that the reason she is talking about it, is that yes she is successful now but at one time she was young and just starting out and had negative experiences and maybe there are other girls out there just like her that can learn and take something positive out of her experiences. Leslie your obviously a jealous bitter person who has no empathy or compassion for anyone, that is to bad.

  34. Donovan Harbours

    hey mike, how about you put your dirty walrus boner away and go back to taking glamour shots of you puffin on big brown cuban dicks?

  35. Chris Joyce

    oh, cry me a river! Sitting on a totally hot half naked "buff guy" (Mark) is the dream of MILLIONS of girls (and guys) and she should consider herself lucyk and THANK anyone involved, as the shoot launched her career. How pathetic, indeed.

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