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Gene Hackman Slaps Homeless Guy Who Used C-Word, Threatened His Wife

Gene Hackman Slaps Homeless Man

A homeless man was slapped in the face by actor Gene Hackman on Tuesday after he swore at Hackman’s wife outside of a New Mexico restaurant.

According to law enforcement officials Hackman was outside of the restaurant when homeless man Bruce Becker approached him “in a threatening manner” and proceeded to call Hackman’s wife a “c*nt.”

Gene Hackman wasted no time in slapping the man directly across the face and police were left to determine if the pimp slap was an act of self-defense or an outright attack against an innocent homeless man.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Police interviews both Gene Hackman and his wife.

Hackman is no youngster at 82-years-0ld, a fact that makes the defense of his wife all that more impressive if they were in fact being threatened.

During his long and illustrious career Hackman has won two Academy Awards (Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in “The French Connection” in 1971, and the Best Supporting Actor award for “Unforgiven” in 1992). Hackman has also been nominated for three Oscars over his 50+ year career.

Calls to Gene Hackmans reps have not yet been returned, perhaps because he’s busy slapping them around.

In January Gene Hackman was hit by a car while riding his bike, despite his age he was able to walk away from the accident.

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66 Responses to “Gene Hackman Slaps Homeless Guy Who Used C-Word, Threatened His Wife”

  1. Judi Rossi Hager

    Just because that man is homeless doesn't give him the right to act like that! I admire Gene for defending his wife. There are many homeless people that want to live that way so I do not pity them one bit!!!!!

  2. Jan Wiese

    My hero! He doesn't look or act like he's in his 80's. Good for him.

  3. Kathie Wilson

    How Christian of you! I'm sure your Jesus is exceptionally proud.
    The homeless do not need, want, or expect your 'pity' – but your Jesus' compassion would be good.
    Not that you'd know anything about that….
    And homeless or not, if someone called me a c*nt, my non-Christian husband would bitch-slap them, too.

  4. Novelle Knight

    what does being homeless have to do with being rude to a woman! I applaud gene for defending his wife, he might be 82, but he probably could have hit the man and should have! I'm not against homeless, but I am against rude and threatening a##es.

  5. Tammy Keller

    I applaud Mr. Hackman… People have got to learn that it isn't acceptable to treat others with disrespect!

  6. Ewell D Pritchett

    So you are calling her a non-Christian for doing the same thing you would do?

  7. Donna Barbour

    What does Obama voters got to do with Gene smacking the homeless guy? I'm glad Gene did what had to do to defend his wife whether or not dude was black or white.

  8. Judi Rossi Hager

    Kathy, you do not know me so you have no right to call me a non-Christian! By your comment, I am sure that you are not a Christian. Homeless people where I live have murdered, steal and trash. As I said, I do not pity the ones that act like that man. Enough said!

  9. Frank Tomasic

    cause he is a homeless bum, that is basically one of the main components of the obama constituentcy… glad Gene smacked the prick too…..and again, if he had been black, the story would have been played up as a hate crime against an innocent homeless black guy, by a rich white guy….which has been the meme for the last four years.

  10. Virginia Catt Jaquess

    Ya'll making comments off a "One Liner" here from 1 reporter? There used to be 3 sides to every story, then ya have a reporter here,,, making their own remarks about No Callbacks?,,,,,, just do your report pls.

  11. Nina Reid

    Kathie Wilson … you did an excellent job contradicting yourself in an attempt to insult someone else. what exactly was your point except to trash Judi Rosser Hager and then show yourself to think the way she does? For the record, homeless or not gives no person a right to attack another and as a Christian I have to wonder if maybe Jesus might have told Gene to slap his other cheek… Jesus apparently approves of face slapping, because he instructs us to offer the other cheek if it happens to us.

  12. Clayborn Todd Wooton

    Thanks, ladies, I needed my trivial facebook fight for the morning. GO INTERNET AGGRESSION!

  13. Ed Strong

    I support Gene Hackman, there are restriction on what a coward is allowed to do in front of a man ; namely, insulting that man's wife.

  14. Nina Reid

    wow… what a blatant display of Romneyism to make this a political jab to Obama… I Hope Barack Obama would pop a guy for calling his wife such a name. Its likely if he didn't, Michelle would pop him one too when she was finished correcting the offending man… Your comment implies that Mr Romney would be a wimp in the same circumstance, as well the liar he has already painted himself as?

  15. Ed Strong

    I support Gene Hackman , there are certain restrictions for cowards that must be adhered , namely ; insusting a man's wife!

  16. Margo McKinney

    The C word is not tolerated by me at all. Would not have to slap him, but he would wish I had by the time I got done.

  17. Zackery Le Swain

    I like Gene and I've never heard of him doing that to anyone else before. So, I get it if infact his wife was being verbaly assulted infront of him and I can't blaim him for reacting that way towards the homeless guy. Then again I was not there so I'm not positive what's really going on here. I've never heard of Gene being unreasonably mean to people atleast not without good reason. I'm, sure if the man was just asking for some spare cash Gene, would not have slaped him for that.

  18. Ed Strong

    I support Gene Hackman , there are certain restrictions for cowards that must be adhered , namely ; insulting a man's wife!

  19. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko

    He did the right thing. No one has a right to disrespect anyone. Be glad all he did was a slap; he could have received a good beat down.

  20. Nina Reid

    Really Frank? Its been the "meme" for four years? You must be a four year old… The modern era of hate-crime legislation became law in 1969 with the passage of federal statute, 18 U.S. 245, part of the Civil Rights Act– if Obama "constituents" are mainly comprised of homeless bums, we plan on seeing a record breaking turnout among the homeless bum population on election day next week… maybe then, Punxsutawney Mitt will go back into his cave for four more years… one can only hope.

  21. Frank Tomasic

    @dora, HARDLY RACISM, when itz true. white america has been demonized the last four years due to obama and his devisive policies, pointing this out to libs like you, i know it pisses you off, but the truth is more powerful….winning.

  22. Nina Reid

    Im not sure I understand what you mean, Virginia… are you thinking something else other than insulting his wife might have provoked an 82 year old celebrity to slap a homeless man in public .. other than what was reported here?

  23. Frank Tomasic

    Nina Reid, quick, under which current president has he uneployment rate skyrocketed? under which current sitting pres has foodstamp pariticipants reached an all time high? the homeless and other 'proud' members of the 47% will continue to vote for their gravy train, AT MY EXPENSE…….and pointing that out, pisses you off, and makes you feel better to paint me as a racist, go for it….im just speaking the truth.

  24. Honey Smith Walls

    Thank you Mr. Hackman, for being the gentleman we ALL (and by that I mean Women) wish our men to be! Thank you for showing the nation what a loving husband does to defend an protect his wife.

  25. Kathie Wilson

    Mr. Tomasic, I have been a Republican since I first registered to vote, worked my entire adult life, pay self-employment taxes, and will vote for Obama precisely BECAUSE he does not lump me into some '47%' category. You sir, are immature, and no patriot.

  26. Kathee Alexander McCarl

    Now this is a real man. Anyone who would use such language today in the presence of a lady deserves what they get. Our society today uses way too much profanity and they sound so ridiculously stupid. Kudos to Hackman.

  27. Nina Reid

    Quick, Frank Tomasic… justify blaming the last four years of agonizing, painful chemo treatment instead of the 8+ years of ravenous cancer that preceded it. I understand its the role of the Republican paramour to obfuscate what anyone who opposes your party says.. so no hard feelings, huh? Btw… You painted yourself, not so much a racist but a member of the card carrying pack-mentality Mitt Romney constituency. GOP rhetoric is being interjected into every discussion in the effort of turning a few more non thinkers over to their side… Rather than propagate the 47% remark of your candidate, I would hope the GOP would do or say something to convince everyone Mr. Romney really did not mean he would forsake half the people in the land he claims to want to govern…

  28. Carol Swanson Cox-Engelstad

    Good for Gene! The 'c' word is the absolute worst word ever!

  29. Carol Swanson Cox-Engelstad

    sometimes I wonder how you and Dan came from the same genes. Yes, I wonder a lot. If I catch you using that word, I will bitch slap you. See you at Christmas!

  30. Tarl Flint Sabre

    I would not normally use this word either so I hope you take this in the humor it is meant:
    A 'c' dishing out a 'b" slap – so apropos…

  31. Jennifer Nick Costello

    Man that is the most pathetic shit I've heard, , you reps are really reaching for shit ! No wonder all your presidents(candidates too) suck ass lately! You guys are living in fing LA LA land. Seriously where do you come up with this crap? Dumbest thing I have ever read!

  32. Anonymous

    Good for Gene. That word in itself should be against the law. It should be assult to use profanity toward someone in public.

  33. Anonymous

    hey c*nt . u talk alot smack shut ur piehole c*nt and get ur lazy ass outside. C*NT! C*NT! C*NT! C*NT! take that Bi*ch

  34. David Santiago

    This is not an unbiased article. I object to the term "pimp slap" as used to describe Mr. Hackman's reaction.

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