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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna’s Memory Of Valentin Is Triggered By A Song — Will She Figure Out Their Past Connection?

Ever since Valentin Cassadine returned to Port Charles on ABC’s General Hospital, Anna Devane has tried her hardest to figure out what his game is and if he really is who he says he is. She knows that he is someone she has encountered before, but she still hasn’t been able to figure it all out just yet. However, this week will have the WSB agent starting to remember some things from her past.

Friday’s episode is now being shown on Monday, December 19, as it was preempted by President Obama’s speech. Now, General Hospital viewers will begin their week off by seeing Anna starting to remember why Valentin seems so familiar to her, and according to SheKnows Soaps, it all starts with an old tune that she hears.

Monday’s episode will have Anna spending some time with her granddaughter, Emma, as she is visiting with her during the holidays. In addition, Emma will be meeting Valentin’s daughter, Charlotte. The two will become fast friends, and as all little girls do, they share certain things with each other. Charlotte teaches a song to Emma that she says her papa whistles to her at bedtime, and this particular tune will be the one that will trigger a memory for Anna.

As seen in a clip that has been posted on Twitter, a flashback will show a young Anna Devane walking through what looks like some type of prison or an underground place when she suddenly hears someone whistling this same song. It is most likely Valentin behind that door, but was it really him back then? There are so many speculations going around that have General Hospital viewers trying to guess how this whole storyline will turn out when it comes to this new member of the Cassadine family. Is Valentin really legit, or will he turn out to be someone else with a new face from Anna’s past?

Ms. Devane has enlisted Robert Scorpio’s help in trying to figure out Valentin’s identity and why his past seems so shady. She knows that she has some sort of connection to this guy since he has been giving her hints and teasing that she will soon figure it all out. Valentin could be legit, and maybe Anna has just blocked some of it out. It could be that they had a fling back then. He has a photo of her that he keeps in a box at Wyndemere of when she was younger, so it looks like he is just waiting for Anna to remember their past.

[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]
[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Some General Hospital rumors say that Valentin had plastic surgery or, as kooky as it sounds, could be wearing one of those infamous masks that this soap is so well known for. Faison has done this before. Could it be that he has come back and is posing as Valentin?

For the most part, fans are really hoping that Valentin turns out to be who he says he is because actor James Patrick Stuart has been rocking his role as the mysterious new guy who has supposedly killed Nikolas and is now the devoted father of Charlotte. He came to General Hospital as a villain, but he is now teetering towards becoming one of Port Charles’ leading men. In fact, he may have rolled right into that role already.

[Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]
[Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

Whatever connection that he has to Anna Devane should be revealed soon enough. According to Soap Central, she will try to sort everything out that she has remembered so far. In the meantime, Valentin is enjoying toying her with hints hoping that she will remember who is he. He has also managed to capture Nina’s heart big time and has changed Lulu Falconeri’s life forever by recently revealing that Charlotte is her biological daughter. Now, she is connected to him through their child, and that also means Laura Spencer is her grandmother and is also connected to this Cassadine fellow forever as well.

It seems that Valentin has made his mark in Port Charles through these women, and it is definitely mesmerizing to watch this all play out. Nina, Lulu, Laura, and Anna have all been affected by his presence already, and it has only just begun.

What link do you think connects Anna Devane to Valentin Cassadine? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what develops.

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