Pepper Bomb Your Mom: 18-Year-Old YouTube Stars Sell $1,200 Worth Of Chocolate Carolina Reaper Peppers In 24 Hours

Pepper Bomb Your Mom: 18-Year-Old YouTube Stars Sell $1,200 Worth Of Chocolate-Covered Carolina Reaper Peppers In 24 Hours

Lizzy Wurst and her friend Sabrina are 18-year-old women who have gained more than 8 million views for their viral video, seen below. In the video, Sabrina and Lizzy have the worst time eating the hottest peppers in the world — the Carolina Reaper peppers. What began as a fun hot pepper challenge soon morphed into something very dangerous, as Lizzy and Sabrina experienced the horrific burning sensations of a pepper so hot that it caused burning, nausea, and symptoms of asthma that required an inhaler. Burned lips, screaming, panic attacks, and more resulted. The horrific pepper challenge video makes one wonder why the duo would want to inflict such pain on others, but nevertheless, they’ve parlayed their YouTube popularity into a hot new startup.

The duo started the Pepper Bomb Your Mom website — a service that allows people to send the hottest pepper in the world to their friends or enemies in an anonymous manner. As seen in the above photo from December 12, 2013, Ed Currie held three of his Carolina Reaper peppers. The Guinness Book of World Records declared that Ed — shown in Fort Mill, South Carolina, in the below photo — had the hottest peppers in the world. Currie’s peppers are named Carolina Reaper peppers for a reason — with the peppers proving in 2013 that the seriously hot peppers ended the four-year search to declare that Ed’s peppers could really scorch the soul.

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The fact that Lizzy and Sabrina have launched a startup that sends chocolate-covered Carolina Reaper peppers to anybody for $10 is gaining buzz around the web. The company dips the world’s hottest pepper in yummy chocolate, and then sends it to anyone — so if you happen to receive a mysterious package of chocolate in the mail, you might want to think twice before chomping into the sweet treat.

According to their website, their chocolate-covered peppers are a gift that the recipient won’t soon forget.

“Pepper Bombing as a Service: Want to prank someone you love/hate for $9.99? What better way than to send them chocolates with Carolina Reaper peppers on the inside. No, these aren’t your Grandma’s chocolate in the mail. This chocolate is filled with the Guinness World Records ‘Hottest Pepper’ – We got you covered! Maybe you’ve seen the viral video attempting the ‘World’s hottest pepper challenge’ – If not watch the results here! Chance you’ll piss someone off? 92 percent. Chance you’ll feel good about it? 96 percent. Chance they’ll get over it? 51 percent”

The duo urges people to forget about the trend of sending friends and enemies glitter — but to instead send over hot peppers to some unsuspecting soul. Their FAQ section admits that the pepper bombing as a gift idea is really real and they even will offer milder flavors eventually to those who don’t hate their gift recipients so much that they want to burn their mouths. They call their hottest peppers in the world covered in chocolate the perfect gift that can be sent out within two business days — just in time to make someone feel the burn for Christmas Day.
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[Image by Jeffrey Collins/AP Images]
The humorous website jokes about taking a shot of whiskey after receiving a new payment notification and sale. They also note that their service went viral on Reddit — with the BBC detailing the results of eating hot chili peppers that have sent consumers to the hospital. The publication claims that the long-term effects of eating such peppers don’t seem to cause great damage — though the jury is still out on that one. The “Pepper Bomb Your Mom” website will only let the gift recipients know who sent the hot peppers if you want them to add a personal note. Other than that, the website claims to have generated about $1,200 in sales in the last 24 hours.

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